PGDM In Banking and Finance

Our Banking and Finance specialization is a dynamic blend of practical experience and academic theory that is meticulously designed to shape students into exceptional professionals. This interdisciplinary degree equips graduates with the knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of finance and drive businesses to outstanding success.


  • 25+ additional certifications from the NSE Knowledge Hub, an AI-powered learning platform recognized by the National Stock Exchange.
  • Gain exposure to the latest changes and advancements in the finance world.
  • Our Specialization blends Financial Analytics, paving the way for a well-rounded expertise.
  • Immerse in Rigorous Capstone Project.

In the landscape of an economy, Finance plays a pivotal role in facilitating growth and managing crises. It serves as a crucial resource for corporations and businesses, making Banking and Finance a captivating subject for study. PGDM in Banking & Finance emerges as a popular choice among management students, reflecting its significance in the business realm.

Apart from core management subjects, the Banking & Finance Specialization at VBS Mumbai delves into Financial Analytics, driven by evolving business models, technological advancements, and shifts in traditional finance roles and processes.

The Banking and Finance specialization at VBS Mumbai is designed to cultivate skilled professionals equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of finance. It provides students with exposure and opportunities to comprehend the latest developments and changes in the financial world.

As part of the curriculum enhancement, VBS Mumbai offers a certificate course through the NSE Knowledge hub, an AI-powered learning platform recognized by the National Stock Exchange (NSE). This course covers essential financial concepts and modules, enhancing students' employability across various finance sectors. By fostering continuous learning, the certification course prepares students to meet the evolving demands of the banking and finance industry, making them future-ready talents.

By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical skills, PGDM in Banking & Finance from VBS ensures graduates are well-prepared to excel in diverse roles within the finance sector, including banking, investment, and financial analysis.

Placement Opportunities

This program equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue employment across various finance sectors. Encompassing essential financial concepts and modules, it opens doors to diverse career paths. Graduates can explore opportunities in fields like Wealth Analysis, Strategic Management, Compliance Management, Credit and Risk Operations, International Business, Corporate Valuation, Relationship Management, Portfolio Management, Financial Modelling, and Bank Operations Management.

Course Structure

1st Year 2nd Year

Foundation Course

Perspective Management
Applied Economics
Basic & Advanced Excel
Accounting for Managers
Business Ethics
Selling & Negotiation

Semester III

Project Management
Strategic Finance
Financial Risk Management
Derivatives and Risk Management
Investment Banking
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (SAPM)
Summer Internship Project

Semester I

Marketing Management
Financial Management
Business Statistics
Operations Management
People Management
Cost and Management accounting
Financial Markets, Institutions and Services

Semester IV

Treasury Management
International Finance
Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
Commercial Banking and NPA Management
Financial Reporting Analysis

Capstone Project

Semester II

Corporate Valuation
Research Methodology
Strategic Management
People Dynamics in Organization
Decision Science
Financial Planning and Wealth Management
Financial Modelling

Note: The syllabus shall be subject to change, if any, by AICTE Directives. Minimum 10 students shall be necessary for starting any specialization.

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