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To describe VBS grads as simply "getting there" is a misrepresentation. In actuality, they rule numerous domains. Companies looking for applicants who can take on new duties right away actively seek out the graduating class, frequently well before formal placement procedures begin.

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21.42 LPA

Highest International CTC

12 LPA

Highest Domestic CTC

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Summer Internship

Internships at VBS provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to develop new skills and refine existing ones. During an eight-week summer internship after the first year, students choose organizations for valuable industrial exposure. This period is crucial for applying and questioning learned concepts. The experience often leads to pre-placement offers, as students gain a thorough understanding of market demands. The program includes academic components and concludes with formal presentations of summer assignments. Companies benefit by assessing interns in a real business setting, often resulting in identifying and securing talented individuals for future roles. Many organizations consider these internships a key channel for recruiting exceptional candidates.

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