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Renowned for its commitment to socially responsible innovation, Vivekanand Business School (VBS) has earned a reputable position among India's top 10 B-schools, making it one of the top 10 colleges in Mumbai. It is increasingly gaining recognition for its exceptional teaching standards and the caliber of its alumni, both within the student body and the industry.

Recognized as Mumbai's top 8th Rank amongst Top Private PGDM Institutes in Mumbai by Times of India B-School Survey, VBS stands as a leading Postgraduate Management Institute among the top 10 colleges in Mumbai. Anchored by Mumbai's esteemed institution, VBS is dedicated to nurturing students and serving the community. The institute aims to create ample opportunities for its graduates by partnering with leading corporations.

With an AICTE-approved two-year PGDM program, Upholding high teaching standards, professionalism, and values, its ultimate aspiration is to evolve into a globally renowned institute that shapes future business leaders.

Strategic Priorities


To strive for excellence in Management Education by serving the changing needs of industry and society while fostering ethical values and a global outlook.


To enhance knowledge, develop skills and shape attitude that will make our students leaders in their chosen field through application based teaching-learning.

To be an institute of higher learning by providing managerial, analytical and entrepreneurial skills as required by the industry needs.

To inculcate ethical values in the students through teaching learning process.

To foster critical thinking and innovative practices through collaborative research to address global issues.


Teaching will be based on continuously updated courses that inculcate the principle of entrepreneurship.

Pedagogy will incorporate global best practices in management education.

Research will be based on theoretical and evidence based practices, with integrity and frontier based approach.

Emphasis will be given on building social consciousness

Message from Director

We are in the interesting times of our economy which is poised to reach the 5 trillion dollars mark. To achieve this goal, the economy and technology should go parallel. Every technological shift brings changes that filter down to the workplace. Today technology and data are disrupting and reshaping the Indian industries, and employers’ expectations are shifting to how quickly new employees should add value to their businesses. Vivekanand Business School (VBS) has embraced this challenge in the way we teach, design our syllabus, share knowledge, and conduct research.


The AACSB membership of Vivekanand Business School allows global certification, certifying high-quality education, faculty excellence, and an internationally linked curriculum for its PGDM programme, hence enhancing its global reputation and recognition.

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VBS'sPGDM program is NBA-accredited, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement. The NBA accreditation is a mark of distinction, signifying that our PGDM program consistently surpasses the norms and standards set forth by the appropriate designated authorities, increasing the program's integrity among students, businesses, and institutions.

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Vivekanand Business School's PGDM Program is recognized by AIU. The accreditation of AIU certifies its academic diligence, aligning PGDM with other recognized MBA degrees and increasing its credibility for higher education like PhD and employment possibilities around the world.

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The PGDM programme at Vivekanand Business School is AICTE-approved, ensuring quality and relevance across the country. Accreditation by the AICTE promotes educational uniformity and industry alignment, creating necessary abilities for today's dynamic business world.

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Rank amongst Top Private PGDM Institutes in Mumbai by Times of India B-School Survey


Rank amongst the top private B-schools in Mumbai by Outlook ICare India's Best Bschool


Rank amongst Top MBA Institute in Mumbai by MBAUniverse


Rank amongst the Top Institutions of Super Excellence by ‘Competition Success Review: GHRDC Ranking 2023


Ranked amongst Top B-Schools in Maharashtra State, Private Category, by ‘Competition Success Review: GHRDC Ranking 2023


Rank amongst the top private B-schools in the West Zone by Outlook ICare India's Best Bschool Ranking 2024

Academic Affiliations

VBS collaborates with a number of academic institutions throughout the world to deliver postgraduate programs, International Immerssion Program, faculty exchange, and carry out its research mission.

VBS Important Committees

The Committees are an essential part of our institute's framework, with a primary focus on student development and welfare. These committees play an important role in creating an environment that promotes students' well-being and actively enhances the overall quality of student life, fostering a sense of community, inclusivity, and personal growth.

Social Impact

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Yuva for Seva

The Social Immersion Program, Yuva for Seva, stands as a transformative 3-week initiative that involves collaborative efforts with NGOs nationwide. This unique program is designed to actively engage students in addressing pressing social issues and fostering the development of innovative solutions. This Program encourages students to broaden their perspectives, develop empathy, and understand the complexities of social problems.

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Box of Happiness

The "Box of Happiness" initiative aligns perfectly with VBS's mission to foster compassion, social awareness, and responsible citizenship. This philanthropic program collects donations for underprivileged children, showcasing the humanitarian spirit of the VBS community. It serves as a channel for students, faculty, and staff to come together and make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children.

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Sell On

"Sell On" is a student fundraising initiative. The institute collaborates with various NGOs in this program to sell their products and raise funds. Students have actively participated in this initiative over the years, successfully raising a significant amount of funds. In the previous year, the students demonstrated a commitment by raising an impressive amount of approximately 5 lakhs through their dedicated participation.

Vivekanand Business School

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