PGDM In Business Analytics

Our PGDM program in Business Analytics empowers students with the essential tools to make well-informed decisions and craft impactful business strategies. This innovative and forward-thinking program is tailored to nurture the next generation of data-driven business leaders.


  • Earn a valuable certificate in Power BI, enhancing your analytics skills.
  • Master software tools including R Programming, Python, Mongo DB, SQL, and more.
  • Dive deep into Predictive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning approaches.
  • Covers 13 analytics-related subjects for a well-rounded learning experience.

In the current business landscape, every corporation is striving to enhance decision-making effectiveness, and PGDM in Business Analytics provides that edge. Business Analytics can be applied across various domains, making it versatile and indispensable.

Distilling data into actionable insights using Business Analytics tools is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage. Professionals equipped with data literacy skills are highly sought after by employers, underscoring the demand for PGDM graduates.

Vivekanand Business School (VBS) Mumbai offers a comprehensive curriculum covering programming languages like R and Python, along with essential software/tools such as Excel, SQL, Hadoop, Tableau, and MongoDB. Additionally, VBS emphasizes advanced approaches like Predictive Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning, ensuring students are well-equipped for the dynamic business environment.

The PGDM program at VBS Mumbai includes 13 specialized subjects in Analytics, providing students with hands-on experience through live projects. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to earn a certificate in Power BI, enhancing their skill set and employability in the field of Business Analytics.

With a strong emphasis on practical learning and industry-relevant skills, graduates of PGDM in Business Analytics from VBS Mumbai are well-positioned for lucrative career opportunities. Placement prospects are robust, spanning diverse sectors such as Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Sales, HR, Marketing, Finance, Growth, and Strategic Roles.

Placement Opportunities

Placement opportunities are excellent as the need for effective and efficient Business Analyst is stronger than ever. There are growing opportunities in Enterprise management, Database Management, Big Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Knowledge Management, MIS Analyst, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Software Management, Data Mining.

Course Structure

1st Year 2nd Year

Foundation Course

Perspective Management
Applied Economics
Basic & Advanced Excel
Accounting for Managers
Business Ethics
Selling & Negotiation

Semester III

Project Management
Web Analytics
Text Mining
Cloud Computing
Summer Internship Project

Semester I

Marketing Management
Financial Management
Business Statistics
Operations Management
People Management
Python Programming (Basic and Advance)

Semester IV

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
Predictive Analytics using Python
Data Analytics using SAS
Data Analytics using R Programming

Select any one: HR Analytics / Marketing Analytics / Operation Analytics / Financial Analytics

Capstone Project

Semester II

Corporate Valuation
Research Methodology
Strategic Management
People Dynamics in Organization
Decision Science
Machine Learning with Python
Data Visualization

Note: The syllabus shall be subject to change, if any, by AICTE Directives. Minimum 10 students shall be necessary for starting any specialization.

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