PGDM In Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the foundation of organizational health and success, attracting, motivating, and preparing responsible leaders to drive collaboration and strategic achievement. Our PGDM in HRM offers unique subjects and engaging activities, fostering immersive learning experiences. Through participative pedagogy and industry engagement, we empower students to become industry-ready leaders, proficient in all aspects of HRM.


  • Master Certification Program by SHRM which is the world's largest HR membership organization
  • Sharpen your people management skills and cultivate a thriving work atmosphere!
  • Implements participative pedagogy across all subjects, Assignments, Creative Activities and Discussions.
  • Develop students into responsible, ethical, and catalyst leaders and managers.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the cornerstone of organizational vitality, ensuring the well-being of both the organization and its employees. At Vivekanand Business School (VBS) Mumbai, we recognize the pivotal role HRM plays in fostering a harmonious work environment and nurturing capable business leaders. Our PGDM program in Human Resource Management is designed to groom individuals who can effectively manage human capital and drive organizational success.

Our PGDM in Human Resource Management stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum, which covers diverse subjects such as Organizational Psychology, Diversity Management, People Dynamics in Organizations, People Analytics, Leadership, Change Management, and SHRM Certification courses. This holistic approach equips students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of HRM.

The HRM department at VBS Mumbai organizes various activities to enhance students' learning experience. These include Outbound Programs, Management Games, HR Panel Discussions, PoSH Panel Discussions, Management Quizzes, Personality Assessments, Case Writing and Publishing, and Student Grooming Exercises. These initiatives foster practical learning and encourage students to apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios.

Industrial immersion visits and live projects are integral components of our PGDM program in Human Resource Management. These initiatives enable students to gain firsthand experience in the corporate world and develop a deeper understanding of HR practices. Additionally, guest lectures by HR experts, alumni, and faculty from reputed institutes enrich students' knowledge and provide valuable insights into industry trends and best practices.

At VBS Mumbai, we employ participative pedagogy, creative activities, assignments, and discussions to cultivate responsible, ethical, and dynamic HR leaders. By nurturing a collaborative learning environment, we ensure that our management graduates are industry-ready and proficient in all aspects of Human Resource Management. With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our students emerge as competent HR professionals equipped to meet the evolving demands of the corporate world.

Placement Opportunities

An PGDM in Human Resources (HR) presents diverse job prospects spanning across different industries. Here are several potential career avenues including Business HR, Strategic Management, HR Compliance, Compensation & Benefits, Labor Laws Management, Performance Management, HR Planning, Talent Acquisition, Resource Planning & Organizational Development.

Course Structure

1st Year 2nd Year

Foundation Course

Perspective Management
Applied Economics
Basic & Advanced Excel
Accounting for Managers
Business Ethics
Selling & Negotiation

Semester III

Project Management
OD & Change Management
Competency Mapping
Leadership & Culture (Succession)
SHRM Basic
Labour Laws
Summer Internship Project

Semester I

Marketing Management
Financial Management
Business Statistics
Operations Management
People Management
Organization Theory & Design
Organisational Psychology

Semester IV

Managing Performance at works
Managing Diversity & Inclusion (DEI)
Compensation & Reward Management
International HRM
HR Statistics & People Analytics

Capstone Project

Semester II

Corporate Valuation
Research Methodology
Strategic Management
People Dynamics in Organization
Decision Science
Talent Management
Learning & Development

Note: The syllabus shall be subject to change, if any, by AICTE Directives. Minimum 10 students shall be necessary for starting any specialization.

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