Capacity Building Project: Internationalization of VES activities at University of Cartagena, Spain

Dr Shalini Bariar from VES, Mumbai, India at University of Cartagena, Spain from November 21st till December 22nd to attend a Capacity building activity and training program for International Cooperation under the InterNepInd project,  Internationalization of Higher education funded by European commission.

This training consist of various activities like presenting the Strategic internationalization plan for all the partnering institutes, attending international staff week of REGA university and European technical university for KA171 and CBHE projects proposals, building HEI networks, experience share on international research and cooperation projects, mapping new call for Erasmus plus projects, visiting University of Murcia, Meeting with University of Aveiro Pourtugal , Erasmus program experience sharing for mobilities , discussion related to internationalization at home, consortium project review meeting, discussion of SIP operational plans, planning of future activities of project planning, experience sharing to promote collaborative learning, international office recognition at each partner institute and work plan, visit to university of Almeria, Presentation of SIP's operational plans for 2022 and 2023 and one month Spanish language class for all Indian and Nepalese partners.

VES is a part of InterNepInd Consortium with various partners from India, Nepal, Spain and Portugal, which works together to support the internationalization process of Higher Education Institutions in India and Nepal promoting a comprehensive process based on strategy design, capacity building, development of structures and networking.
As a result, international opportunities will be created for different stakeholders: from students to teachers, researchers, managers and administrative staff.
The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, KA2 2019 Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education and will last until May 2022. 
The collaboration wants to prove the world that enhancing cooperation and sharing best practices can bring positive opportunities to every HEI stakeholder if we are able to work committed to the following values; Cooperative Learning, Participatory Design, Internationalization & Excellence, Inclusiveness & Respect, Open access & Equity. To reach the goal with our values, the consortium takes a step forward and Collect best practices in internationalization of HE in India and Nepal, Participatory design of internationalization strategies, Capacity Building of stakeholders, Create International Offices, Build an international network and promote joint action.

InterNepInd goal is to improve quality and equal access for all in Higher Education by eliminating gender disparities and embracing inclusiveness. We want to increase the number of qualified teachers and training through mobility and projects. We also aim to globally expand the number of scholarships for enrolment in higher education (communications technology, technical, engineering and scientific programmes).

InterNepInd empowers and promotes, with different kinds of mobility opportunities among HEIs, the social inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.

InterNepInd is born as a multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilizes and shares knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support cooperation and capacity building among Europe and Asia HEI partners.

With the advent of Covid 19, the process of internationalization activities was restricted to online activities and steering committee meetings via digital mode. This training activity is the first mobility and physical training and activities post Covid era to make this project more successful. This international cooperation project fulfills VES’s vision to promote global education and research and will be a key activity to open new doors towards the objectives of internationalization strategy of VES.

Meeting with the Rector, Upct ,Spain

Pictures with the Rector of University of Cartagena