Campus Overview

VBS, located in the centre of Mumbai on a stunning 5-acre campus, has prominent structures and expansive green spaces that attract the world's greatest minds. It provides a perfect setting for academic achievement and large-scale events, with cutting-edge infrastructure, sports equipment, and an improved auditorium in the building

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Our classrooms are equipped with Interactive Smart Panels and advanced audio-visual aids, providing a perfect platform for collaborative learning and case study analysis.

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Our two-storey library is a treasure trove of management journals, business literature, and digital resources. It offers access to esteemed online databases such as NGEN, ProQuest, Ticker plant, EBSCO, ProwessIQ, and Industry Outlook.

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Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab serves as a hub of innovation, providing students with high-speed Wi-Fi, and cutting-edge software to explore the world of data-driven decision-making.

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Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab offers mentorship, incubation, and networking opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, supporting them from ideation to execution and fuelling their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Board Room

Our boardroom is a haven for collaborative discussions and strategic analysis, exuding modernism and professionalism. It provides the ideal environment for making important decisions through its elegant design and conducive atmosphere.

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The MDP Room is the central hub for strategic planning and decision-making, promoting innovation, critical thinking, and effective communication. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, it facilitates seamless presentations and interactive discussions.

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Knowledge-sharing extends beyond classrooms. Our auditorium hosts seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by industry leaders. Here you'll interact with the best minds in business.

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Medical Room

The medical room is a dedicated space equipped to prioritize the health and well-being of students and staff. It provides prompt care for minor ailments, wellness checks, and all health-related support, combining comfort with expertise.

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The college corridor is a lively hub where students move between classes, engaging in impromptu conversations and forging enduring connections, creating a vibrant nexus of student interaction.

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Our campus features dedicated indoor play areas, providing students with spaces to unwind, relax, and strike a healthy balance between academic pursuits and leisure activities.

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Our turf is a versatile space, offering students a chance to rejuvenate through friendly games of football or cricket, promoting physical well-being and companionship.

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Our hostel is situated within the campus and provides separate accommodations for boys and girls along with essential amenities such as mess services, laundry facilities, water purifiers, and indoor games.

Vivekanand Business School

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