Vishal Hotchandani

Financial Analyst

Batch - 2018 -2020

Finance has always been my true passion though I am a Business Analytics professional, I am currently working as a Financial Analyst at Nomura. Right from the beginning, I had been actively involved in exploring my potential at VESIM. Pursuing a Postgraduate course was not just a certificate I would be adding to my profile, but a journey that made us capable of going that extra mile that can’t be summarized in a few words.

The PGDM programme at VESIM provided me with the opportunity to meet and interact with participants from the China University. This international exposure helped me become more confident while communicating with people from the different cultures. I have also learnt to face challenges head-on, with a creative approach while turning them into opportunities.

The ambience of the lecture rooms, labs or any of the state-of-the-art infrastructure available at VESIM offered us the perfect learning environment. This, combined with the expertise of our faculty mentors and the vision of the institute, moulded us into professionals who make a difference no matter where our career took us. 

I loved the freedom I found here which helped me become more independent and which prepared me for my professional life in the field of finance where I aim to make my mark. I had some fantastic professors who pushed me all the way. I saw their dedication not only to the subject, but also to me. I am truly grateful to VESIM for what I am today.