Lichen Sequeira

Investment Banking Analyst, Sutherland

Batch 2017 – 2019

There are several things that make VESIM special for me personally. Being a part of this institute for 2 years, I learned that experiences make you wiser not the closed classrooms. Since day one, our faculty members emphasized on facing the reality of our lives; that it is super easy to run away from problems, but to face it and walk through it is what makes you stronger each day.

Augmented learning was the heart of our curriculum. Our faculty members always helped us on multiple topics and made us learn through team activities. Right from classroom teaching to individual presentations to role-plays – all pedagogical tools helped us understand the topics better. Encouragement to participate and conduct intercollegiate events and organize social events helped us build good communication skills and personality. In addition to all these, the internships that we did as a part of the course were very helpful to understand and inculcate corporate lifestyle and values. It is said that “a little progress each day adds up to big results” and VESIM makes you realise this.