What is PGDM?

PGDM - Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a master’s degree 2-year full-time program offered by VBS. The program is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is also accorded Equivalence by AIU, with MBA Degree of an Indian University. This program has received NBA accreditation for academic years 2016-2025. 


What are the specializations offered in PGDM?

VBS offers PGDM in the following specializations, including analytics in each specialization.

  • Business Analytics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations with Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management

What is the student intake for PGDM?

The student intake is 180.

How is the PGDM Course in VBS different from other Institutes?

  • VBS’s PGDM course is a semester-based program. Students gain an in-depth understanding of their area of specialization.
  • The curriculum is reviewed and updated regularly by the Board of Studies. The board consists of industry professionals, alumni, and academicians.
  • We follow a progressive teaching pedagogy like case studies, projects, group discussions, lectures, Capstone, Simulation and seminars. We also invite guest speakers from industry and government to help students find their footing in the industry.
  • VBS’s high-calibre core faculties are Ph.D. holders from reputed institutes. Additionally, students and faculty members are motivated by distinguished subject matter experts, who are associated with us as visiting and adjunct faculty.
  • Every subject is taught through live projects. Students are encouraged to engage in live projects to gain practical learning experience and understand the workings of the industry.
  • The VBS internship program is set up as a two-month summer internship after the completion of the first year.
  • Program inculcates the concept of Super-Specialization wherein students undergo in-depth study in one of the six chosen specializations of Business Analytics, Banking & Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Management.
  • Students get a chance to practice their analytical concepts at the fully-equipped Analytics Laboratory
  • There is a forum for Business Analytics to share ideas in the field
  • There is a Department of Innovation & Research that introduces new research in their field.

What innovative pedagogic approaches make VBS one of the best business schools in Mumbai?

  • The Institute has adopted a flip classroom concept, which concentrates on two levels of learning: self-learning and self-management.
  • The academic curriculum is a healthy mix of practical learning and skill development. From the first day, students gain exposure to various skill development sessions such as communication, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurial orientation, and sustainability.
  • VBS faculty employ a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, case studies, simulation, team projects, problem sets, presentations, company visits, etc. Also, students receive Alumni & Industry expert guidance and guest speakers along with other theoretical and applied teaching methods. The teaching method used in a class is the choice of the individual professor and is chosen to best facilitate learning for that subject matter.
  • Students are assessed through a meticulous monitoring system of tests, mid-term, and semester-end examinations to ensure their academic excellence.
  • VBS organizes various knowledge-building events throughout the year. All these events are organized and conducted by students. This helps them sharpen their decision-making and managerial capabilities.
  • Global immersion and social immersion are the core focus of VBS’s PGDM program.
  • VBS offer international immersion program where students get the chance to learn about global business practices and cultural variation through a study tour, and this is included in your PGDM fees.
  • VBS focuses on Capstone project, Capstone projects is developed to energize students' critical thinking, problem-solving, oral communication, research, and teamwork abilities.
  • VBS has signed several MoU’s with International Universities - Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia; Technical University of Cartagena, Spain; University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland, UK and Delaware State University, USA; Lincoln University, PSB Academy Singapore, for International Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange, Joint Research.
  • The concept of social immersion is materialized through various community immersion programs, such as blood donation camps, awareness creation events, selling for a cause, and Yuva for Seva (the well-known community immersion program).

What is Capstone project?


A “Cap-stone” is actually used to complete a monument or building. As a future leader, students would have to establish many such successful projects. We facilitate them to hone those skills through a “Capstone Project” Capstone projects are generally developed to energize students' critical thinking, problem-solving, oral communication, research, and teamwork abilities. Additionally, this project enables student to figure out how to connect with the real life problems and find solutions for them. In the process students enhance their skills and knowledge through self-driven research under a faculty guide. This independent research based project allows higher level analytical and synthesis learning.


What is International Immersion Program?


VBS truly believes in providing a global outlook to business leaders of tomorrow who are required to work in an interconnected world. Every admitted student will get an opportunity to visit a foreign country as part of the program (with no additional cost to the student). It includes visit to companies abroad, cultural exchange, visit to tourist places in that country and of course learning with lots of fun. This is a meticulously crafted program designed to cultivate global business skills in our students. This program offers many benefits for VBS students, equipping them with the skills and perspectives necessary to thrive in today's business world. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the overarching business landscape and the intricacies of the global economy.

This program provides students with the opportunity to develop global business acumen, enhance cross-cultural communication skills, gain a global perspective and develop adaptability and flexibility. Students get a unique and transformative learning experience that prepares them for success in the global business world.


What is Simulation?


Simulations mimic the real-world business scenarios in the form of a game for students to learn decision making. At VBS, we use this pedagogy extensively to give the students a glimpse into the world of corporate strategy. By experiencing the simulation, the students can test themselves before encountering such situations in their careers. It is a very proactive learning pedagogy as compared to ‘Chalk and Talk’ that traditional classes offer. In the Simulation program offered by VBS, students get to results through a trial-and-error method which results in self-learning. Moreover, this is played in a competitive mode between teams leading to enthusiastic participation. The learners grow their skills and knowledge, by scanning the internal and external environment of business. It thus allows them to consider multiple variables on which the business depends. The Simulation requires data gathering and analysis thus expanding their horizon. Learning from Simulation games is a ‘Game-Changer’ in our Management Institute.

What type of Internship experiences do PGDM students get?

The internship offers an intensive learning experience to a student. They receive on-the-job training and corporate internships at various reputed organizations. This helps students gain experience of working in a business organization while grasping curriculum-related information. Student internships are generally offered for a period of 2 months as part of their Summer Internship Program.

The Institute and Campus

What is the genesis of VES Business School?

Late Shri Hashu Advani, a visionary, chose the education field to build a strong nation. He felt that educated youth, with high moral values, can only build a strong nation. This thinking led to the formation of the Vivekanand Education Society (VES) in the year 1962. Today, the society runs 24 educational Institutions offering courses from Pre-primary to Ph.D. Since its inception, VBS has been quietly contributing to the growth of the Indian Corporate World by providing professionals for industry requirements

How is VBS rated by various agencies?

• Ranked 6th among the top private B-schools in Mumbai by Outlook ICare India's Best Bschool Ranking 2024.

• Ranked 20th among the top private B-schools in the West Zone by Outlook ICare India's Best Bschool Ranking 2024.

• Ranked 68th among the top private B-schools in India by Outlook ICare India's Best Bschool Ranking 2024.

 • Ranked 2nd in "A" Category B Schools and ranked 7th amongst the TOP B schools in "Western Region" by 13th Chronicle All India B School Survey 2023

• Ranked 7th amongst Top Private PGDM Institutes in Mumbai by Times of India B-School Survey 2023

• Ranked 12th among the Top Institutions of Super Excellence by ‘Competition Success Review: GHRDC Ranking 2023

• Ranked 13th amongst TOP B-Schools in Maharashtra State, Private Category, by ‘Competition Success Review: GHRDC Ranking 2023

• Ranked 13th among Private Affiliated College and 19th among Top MBA Institution - West Zone by Outlook iCare India MBA Ranking 2023

• Ranked 6th amongst Top MBA Institute in Mumbai and 58th in India by MBAUniverse

• Ranked 16th Across Maharashtra in GLOBAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (GHRDC) B School Survey, 2022

• Ranked 9th in Top B Schools in Mumbai in GLOBAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (GHRDC) B School Survey, 2022

• Ranked 58th in 12th Annual MBA Universe Survey, 2022

• Ranked 196th in Marketing & Development Research Associates, MDRA 2022

• Received Best Management College in Maharashtra for Placement 2021 Award at 15th Rashtriya   Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar Ceremony by India's Leading Education Think Tank, CEGR.

• Ranked 11th in Top B Schools of Eminence by Competition Success Review

• Best B School awarded for Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy by 13th World Education Summit

• Ranked in Top B Schools by Business Today

• Awarded Best Business Schools by ABP News

• Best Emerging Institute in Management Awarded by DNA

• B School with an Industry related curriculum in Business Analytics by Worls Education Congress

• Institute with Best Placement awarded by 9th National Awards in Indian Education

• Recognized as most upcoming B School by ASSOCHAM, India at EduMeet 2019 and Education Excellence Awards.

How does VBS foster academic excellence?

VBS fosters academic excellence through various global and industry collaborations. The following are brilliant examples of these collaborations:

  • Technical University of Cartagena, Spain for Student & Faculty Exchange, Joint Research & Academic Activities, Joint Academic Programs.
  • Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia for Erasmus+ Student and Faculty Exchange, Joint Research Activities and Academic Program 
  • CSIM College of Business at Delaware State University, USA for Research Project, Academic Presentations, Academic and Industry Conference, Jointly Develop Research Papers for Conferences
  • University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland, UK for Joint Certification Program, Student Exchange, Conducting Lectures and Organizing Symposia
  • Lincoln University, California, USA for Student and Faculty Exchange
  • Doctoral College UK, England to Look into the Possibilities of Collaborating on Academic Projects in areas like, but not limited to Business Education and Information Technology
  • University of Katowice, Poland for Student & Faculty Exchange, Joint Research & Academic Activities, Joint Academic Programs
  • Uni-Italia, Italian Universities sharing a common interest in terms of education, research, student and faculty exchange programs
  • University of Ain Temouchent Joint course, for Faculty Exchange and Student Exchange, Research Exchange etc.
  • PSB Academy Singapore, for International Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange, Joint Research
  • Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, for International Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange, Joint Research
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa, for International Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange, Joint Research

What are the salient features that identify VBS as one of the leading management institutes in Mumbai?

  • Experiential Learning 
  • Case Learning Base
  • Industry Based Research Projects 
  • Guest Lectures by Industry Experts  
  • Global Collaboration 
  • International Immersion program
  • Capstone project
  • Summer Internship Program   
  • Courses Taught using Software like Tableau, R programming, Python, Excel, MongoDB
  • Scholarship for Meritorious Students & Opportunity to Study at European University

What is the faculty base of the Institute?

VBS’s high-calibre core faculties are Ph. D holders from reputed institutes. Our faculty members have always taken care to enliven topics with a variety of innovative pedagogical approaches, such as flip classroom, case studies, role-plays, project works, and a slew of non-classroom initiatives. The visiting faculty members are drawn from leading B-Schools, industry, and corporate companies. The visiting faculty contributes to a progressive learning environment by successfully interlinking various management theories with the contemporary world of work. Our adjunct faculty comprises members drawn from distinguished business communities and academics, and represent high levels of success and achievements in their respective areas.


What are the infrastructural facilities available for the PGDM students?

VBS sits on a 9-acre campus in the heart of Mumbai’s eco-friendly suburb – Chembur. The institute is well-connected to the City of Mumbai by road and railways.

VBS offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is envied by other business schools. Our campus is equipped with all modern facilities that provide a perfect setting for academic pursuits. The combination of world-class amenities, resources, curricular and extra-curricular activities goes a long way in ensuring a productive campus life.


The library, spread over 2 floors hosts an extensive collection of more than 15,000 books and journals, encompassing a wide range of management subjects in both national and international academia. A dedicated digital section offers a collection of more than 40,000 E-books including Pearson E-books. Our library maintains an impressive array of subscriptions, of numerous national and international periodicals. We also provide access to a rich assortment of online databases, including NGEN, ProQuest, Ticker Plant, EBSCO and the research database Prowess IQ and Industry Outlook from CMIE.


Ergonomically designed Digital Classrooms equipped with MaxHub Interactive Smart Panels for an immersive learning experience. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning and high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring a comfortable and technologically advanced environment for the future leaders of tomorrow. Our cutting-edge communication and audio-visual teaching aids further elevate the educational experience, providing all the necessary academic amenities for our students.

Data Science & Analytics Lab:

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are keen to employ individuals with exemplary skills to transform the customer behaviour data, as well as product, industry, and business data into insightful and actionable information. The focus is on utilizing actionable information for strategy building and tactical decision-making to improve overall organizational competitiveness. Realizing this need, we have established a well-equipped analytics lab. The lab allows students to identify, gather, analyze, and interpret business data to solve various problems that they may incur in a real business environment. There are 100 student stations equipped with advanced and licensed software, and supported by a state-of-the-art IBM server. Students can sharpen their data analysis and interpretation acumen by practicing in the lab.


Innovation Lab:


Innovation lab at VBS is a dynamic space that serve as incubators for creativity, experimentation, and the development of groundbreaking ideas and solutions. The lab is designed to foster a culture

of innovation and to drive forward-thinking initiatives crafted to ignite the entrepreneurial drive within individuals.

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus:

Wi-Fi enabled campus backed by a robust IT infrastructure that ensures security and minimum downtime.


Our auditorium boasts latest amenities, including exceptional audibility and multimedia tools. This versatile space is regularly utilized by both students and faculties for a variety of events such as seminars, panel discussions, meetings, and gatherings.


The cafeteria of VBS transmits vibrant energy with students politely exchanging their ideas and thoughts, as well as bonding over food and drinks. Bustling with youthful energy, the cafeteria is hygienic and serves nutritive food to students, staff, and faculty at affordable prices. The place also serves as a focal point for various activities such as brainstorming, and confidence-building for upcoming events, or relationship building among senior and junior students.




The turf play area is more than just a field – it's a space for rejuvenation. VBS believes that the education is about nurturing both the mind and the body and understands the importance of not

just academic growth, but also the well-being of students. Whether it's a friendly match of football or basketball, an exciting game of cricket, or simply soaking in a breath of fresh air, this area serves as

a hub for physical well-being and companionship. There is also an additional open area available for students to engage in various other sports and recreational activities.

Admissions: General Question

Who can apply for the PGDM program?

The PGDM program at VBS is ideal for all motivated degree holders in India. This program offers a complete education in management. Thus, the admissions are open to candidates from various fields of study (engineers, science, commerce, arts, social sciences, etc.). Candidates with work experience or fresher’s can also apply.

Candidates pursuing their final year and who have applied for an entrance exam can apply for the PGDM program.

How can I apply for the program?

A candidate can apply online/offline.

What is the application form fee?

The application form fee is Rs. 2000/- inclusive GST which can be paid online/offline.

Once I fill the online application, what is the next step to be followed?

After filling the online application form and paying the application fees, you must upload scanned copies of all necessary documents through your login on the portal. On receipt of the documents, the form will be submitted successfully.

Can I list only my best test score?

You can mention your best test score in your application, however, providing details of other test scores helps us review your application better.

What is the admissions process for the PGDM program?


VBS’s Unique Profile-based selection process assigns significant value to academic performances, written test (CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/CMAT/GMAT/CET) along with Group Discussion & Personal Interview and importance is given to every aspect of your application. The cut-off for Entrance exam are given below.

Name of Entrance Exams

Cut – off (in percentile)














                                                Weightage of parameters for final selection

  1) Qualifying Entrance (CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/CMAT/GMAT/CET)              


  2) Academics (SSC, HSC, Graduation)                                                              


 3) Group Discussion & Personal Interview                                                        


4) Extracurricular activities                                                                                      

 (Awards in sports, Work experience, Competitions at Degree college and above) etc.



Admissions: Work Experience

What is the desired length of work experience you wish to see in candidates?

Candidates who have work experience get an edge over others at the time of selection after their performance in the Group Discussion and Personal Interview.


Admissions: Interview

When should I expect an update about the Group Discussion and Personal Interview round?

Interview scheduling is done on a rolling basis throughout the course of each application round.


Tuition and Funding

What are the fees for PGDM at VES Business School?

  The fee for the 2 years full-time PGDM program is Rs. 8,80,000.


What are the options for financing my PGDM education?

VBS is committed to making the PGDM Program accessible to all students. As our PGDM program is AICTE approved, securing bank loans to finance the program is easy.



Does VBS offer on-campus accommodation?

Yes. VBS provides on-campus accommodation in the form of boys hostel and girls hostel separately.