Specialization - Business Analytics

  • Industries and the World in general, are in the process of attaining a new normal in a post-pandemic world. The world is changing. As the fuel for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Data has come to be seen as a critical asset of every company. With the right data, companies can predict impact of future disruptions on their businesses. They will be better placed to serve their customers, through the right products and services during or after a pandemic. 
  • Distilling and analysing the data/information and develop actionable insights using business analytics tools gives businesses a competitive advantage. The data-literate Professionals would be even more appealing to prospective employers than ever before.
  • The VES Business School would be offering different statistical programming languages like R and Python, and software/tools like Excel, SQL, Hadoop, and Tableau.
  • The students will get the opportunity to work on various projects relating to Analytics.
  • As Business Analytics is integral to the success of organisations, the placement opportunities are set to be excellent going forward as the need for effective and efficient business analytics remains strong. There are growing opportunities in Management Consulting, Business Consultancy, Sales, HR, Marketing, Finance, Growth, and Strategy Roles.
Above specializations are available in PGDM course, students can opt any one specialization from these. But minimum 10 students shall be necessary for starting any specialization.