International Study Tour

When you learn at VBS, you can lead anywhere in the world.

Business is now a global affair, and VBS’s commitment to international engagement prepares you for every challenge in the international business environment. At VBS, you can learn the language of a good business, get a close view of complex interconnected global issues, gain opportunities to study and travel abroad, and become an empowered global citizen.

The international study tour is an elective program, which is designed to provide the students with a first-hand experience of the economic, cultural and geopolitical drivers in regions integral to the global economy.

Every year, VBS organizes an international study tour to a defined location of international recognition. Students get a chance to perform activities like attending training programs at the university, visiting headquarters or prime facilities owned by several leading industrial brands, and undertaking a guided cultural and heritage exposure tour. The program is composed of an on-campus session, one-week study tour, written assignments and report submission. This study tour also comprises management games, student group activities, and several interesting activities such as blogging and video film making. The students opting for the study tour will get opportunities to learn from a group of professionals and perform leadership activities while immersing themselves in another culture and building strong relationships.