Innovative Learning

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” This saying that VBS believes in, are borrowed from renowned English poet W.B. Yeats. VBS strives to kindle ideas in the minds of every student through innovative approaches and alternative learning. This has created a learning environment that helps students succeed and also shape them into better individuals.

Global Trends, International View
Global trends in technologies and international issues are key topics we mull over each day. We have incorporated International Business and Big Data Analytics into the curriculum. They allow students to focus on matters relevant in today's world of business. We plan to hold global conferences and seminars with well-known speakers from India and abroad who will speak on global issues and technology-related topics. Such events help students improve their understanding of global issues.

Student Exchange Program
At VBS, we want the students to understand the dynamics of business management at the international level. To facilitate this, we will sign MoUs with several elite international institutes for outbound and inbound student and faculty exchanges, and conduct joint research, and exchange publications. These programs help the students to widen perspectives and gain an understanding of the art of management better.

Experiential Learning
The motto of the course is ‘Learning by Doing’. The students are encouraged to take up on-the-job training and corporate internships in reputed organisations. This helps the students gain experience of working in a business organization while grasping curriculum-related information. Besides, the students are exposed to corporate and industry exposure through a slew of programs including industry visits, special guest lectures and industry interactions.

VBS's social immersion program - YUVA for SEVA has been designed for igniting a sense of social responsibility and sensitivity in students. During the 3-week program, students work with NGOs from across the country. Students are required to come up with solutions for social issues addressed by the NGOs.

Personal Mentoring (Guru-Shishya Program)
At VBS, we believe in moulding future business leaders by giving them personal guidance. We conduct a Guru-Shishya program to assist our students as they enter the early years of their professional life. Our faculty members guide the students on key issues to help them become effective managers.

Personality Development Program
At VBS, we understand the importance of all-round development of the personality. When not teaching, our well-experienced faculty members hold personality profiling of each student and identify their development to become better individuals areas in which they need improvements. Students get opportunities to sharpen their communication skills, build a positive attitude towards life, improve their leadership qualities, networking abilities and business management through the tailored personality development programs.