Student Cell Committees

VBS is a student-centric institution where students are encouraged to participate in the different activities all through the year. VBS believes that the students must grab the opportunities to prepare themselves for the challenges that may face during their managerial career lying ahead. They will, hence, be encouraged to conceptualize, coordinate, and manage various activities at the institute as well as take responsibility for their execution. All these help to sharpen their leadership, coordination, and managerial skills, and improve their decision-making and team-building skills. All student activities are coordinated by the Students Committee Cell all through the year. It’s the students’ responsibility for taking their activities forward that is both academic and experiential.

The Cell would be the platform for the management, the faculty, and the students to the interface. The Committee shall comprise of the various cells that would be set up to help the students benefit from and gain wide exposure to the various subjects during their coursework at VBS. Through the cells, the Students Committee will relentlessly strive to make the VBS experience a memorable one and reward every student.
  • Finance Cell

    Finance is the main pillar of every business. The students must learn the art of managing their finances. At VBS, we have the Finance Cell to help the students to improve their understanding of the various financial concepts and the finance sector, and this gives them opportunities for getting hands-on experience through a few Live projects.

  • Marketing Cell
  • Human Resources Cell
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management Cell
  • Alumni Cell
  • Placement Cell
  • Branding and Social Media Cell
  • MSME and Entrepreneurship Cell
  • CSR Cell
  • Student Welfare Cell
  • Women’s Development Cell (WDC)
  • Mentoring Cell
  • Business Incubation Cell
  • Case Research and Development Cell
  • FMB cell