CGPT Approach

  • SWOT Analysis: 

    Identifying the opportunities and the challenges will help the students pursue a career path that will ensure their success.
  • Training: 

    An effective training, VBS believes, gives a flip to the student’s capabilities.  Hard and soft skills training is encouraged for the students to prepare them to face today’s hyper-competitive world and emerge with flying colors.
    The team has been systematically working to up the employability quotient, and the efforts begin from day 1 at VBS. The students attend various training programs after a career plan has been charted out. The programs include components that stand them in good stead to succeed and include training in soft skills, logical skills, negotiation skills, analytical skills, presentation skills, etc. that enhances their chances of acing the rigorous job interviews they shall face while entering the job market. The students also undergo training to improve their performance during their summer internships and final placements.
  • Career Guidance: 

    A job hunt always starts with a resume. Designing an Effective Resume can prove a challenge for a student who has just passed out. Students are trained by experts to design customized and effective resumes. The students are guided by experts who are Alumni and they get to know the industry’s nuances to help gain confidence in choosing the right career path. Their corporate mentor does handholding in preparing students for their final journey of the placement.
  • Career Counselling and Mentoring: 

    VBS believes in developing the students’ skills under the guidance of the Corporate honchos from the industry with the faculty acting as the ‘guru’. The students get career counseling and career guidance on the lines of the Guru Shishya tradition. The faculty-mentor is a “friend” “philosopher” & “guide” for the students who can have an all-around development.
  • Industry Interaction:

    The CGPT organizes many institute-industry engagement events. This helps the students to prepare for the challenges awaiting them during the interview. Soft skill training plays a key role in shaping their personality. The student has to undergo rigorous pre-placement preparations through Mock GD & PI that are conducted both by the faculty & Industry personnel. The students are guided on the way to develop their 3C report after they get to know the JD (Job Description). A 3C report includes the company, competitor & customer profiles to crack the interview more effectively as the student attends the pre-placement talk.
  • Internship and Job Support:

    VBS’s CGPT helps to identify the right internship and employment opportunities. The students can easily access suitable offers on VBS's placement interface through their dashboard.
    Keeping with the standards of the top B-schools, the VBS students have the summer internship and the final placements. The students are selected for eight-week internships during the summer internships and are a part of the VBS curriculum. Many of the summer internships result in pre-placement offers.
    VBS’s CGPT is set to have excellent placements that it can be proud of for decades to come. VBS shall strive to make it a business school of their choice for recruitments.