Leadership Series Talks

Everyone has power to dream. But dreams should be turned into resolutions. Never allow any idea to die- by- Mr. Narendra Modi

At VBS we passionately believe in the power of IDEAS to change attitude, lives, and ultimately the world. VBx Talk “LET’S Make it Happen”, a step towards “Nai Soch Nai Khoj”

In this series different leaders from various discipline and culture are invited to share what made them a great leader in their respective field. They talk about their entire journey how they started what challenges they faced and how they conquered these challenges. These inspirational stories help our students to know how a good leader is evolved. This opens our eyes to a different prospective of leadership and life in totality. These talks offer surprising approaches on how to inspire and empower others to do their best.

Leadership talk series on Data privacy By Dr Ketan Modh