International Tie-Ups

VBS offers a distinct learning experience to its students, which is in line with the complexity and challenges of the interconnected, globalized business landscape. Thanks to our rich educational legacy and academic recognition, we have built strong academic alliances with leading universities and business schools in India and from across the globe. These alliances have helped us deliver relevant and experiential learning experiences to students, as well as stay true to our commitment to producing future-ready professionals. Also, these mutually enriching alliances have helped VBS grow into one of the leading business schools in India, with expanded research capabilities, prestigious international scholarships for students and enriching inbound and outbound faculty and student exchange programs. The combined perspectives, efforts and expertise of our partnering organizations have aided us in developing globalized business education programs that answer the concerns of the global business community.
Technical University of Cartagena, Spain for Student & Faculty Exchange, Joint Research & Academic Activities, Joint Academic Programs
Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia for Erasmus+, Student and Faculty Exchange, Joint Research Activities and Academic Programs
CSIM College of Business, Delaware State University, USA for Develop Research Papers for Conferences, Research Project, Academic and Industry Conferences, Academic Presentations
University of Highlands and Islands Scotland, UK for Joint Certification Program, Student Exchange, Conducting Lectures & Organising Symposia
Lincoln University, California, USA for Student and Faculty exchange
ENAE Business School, Murcia, Spain for Study abroad programs, Faculty and Student Exchange