Mr. Dheeraj Bhandaru
Mr. Shriram Iyer


Vision Statement
To create a one world family where people and businesses can thrive and connect in order to be productive and contact one another in an efficient manner. 

Mission Statement
Use the latest technologies in IT and Data Analytics for making customer friendly products in order to make life easier for our end users. 

Company Description 
GoTappit is a IoT technology-based company started in Mumbai. We aim to make the process of exchanging personal data easier for businesses and customers. Based in Mumbai and started in the year 2020, we are about to introduce our first product - GoTappit E-cards. 

Product Description 
We are a group of extremely creative and passionate people who wish to bring about a change in the way people store and share data. GoTappit E-Cards is a product offering to help centralize data and make the data sharing process easier thus making the whole process hassle-free and environmentally friendly. Our aim is to build a web application to maintain user profiles where users can sign up, enroll for the subscription of an E-Card on an annual basis and create their unique profiles. These profiles can be visited by scanning QR codes or by tapping NFC enabled E-Card. Account can be created only after payment is done while profile can be created once verification is done.

Other details related to Company- 
  1. Founders – Mr. Dheeraj Bhandaru and Mr Shriram Iyer 
  2. Company Headquarters – Mumbai 
  3. Founded – 6th Oct 2020 
  4. LLP In Number - LLPIN – AAU-0874