Prof Nikita Ramrakhiani

  • Prof. Nikita Ramrakhiani is a Business Analyst and a Trainer for AI/ML associated with VESBS since Feb 2022. She has completed various certifications in Data Science and Machine Learning and is pursuing her PhD in the same field. Along with that, she has been certified by JOhn Hokins University as a data Scientist and NVIDIA for Deep Learning. Apart from Data Science, she has worked on RDBMS, SQL and .Net 3.5 as a software developer with Accenture. Workshops have been conducted by her on R Programming, Python, IoT and Neural Networks for various recoginized institutes.

    Area of Specialisation

    Data Analytics,
    Business Analytics,
    Artificial Intelligence,
    Deep Learning



  • Educational Qualifications
    Pursuing PhD in Data Sciemce and Artificial Intelligence
    Post Graduation Diploma in Data Science
    Completed M.E in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

    Academic Affiliation
    Mumbai University
    Member of Higher Education Forum from 25 th October 2019

    Professional Affiliation
    Accenture Pvt Ltd
    Whitehat Jr.

  • Teaching
    Programming in Python - I (Basic)
    Programming in Python - I (Advanced)
    Data Visualization using Tableau
    R Programming
    Business Analytics

  • Research

    Area of Research
    Natural Language Processing
    Sentiment Analysis
    Recommendation Systems using AI
    Data Analytics in Sports and Education
    E Commerce and Data Analytics

    Current Research
    Recommendation Systems using AI
    Data Analytics in Sports and Education
    E Commerce and Data Analytics

  • Publications

    Research Papers
    Data Analytics in Sports: Analyzing Gender Disparity in Olympics Over the Years
    Preprocessing Techniques for Image Mining on Biopsy Images
    Radio Frequency Identification Based Smart Security System
    A review of LiFi Technology
    Image Mining Techniques Process for Biopsy Images

    SPITCON 2023
    Social Media Analytics 

    Working Papers

    Work in Committees and Groups
    Ranking Committe
    IQAC Committee
    NBA Committee

  • Consulting

    Muenzer Bharat Ltd

    Custom Programs
    Programmatic Summit 2023

    Speaking Engagements

  • Awards & Honours

  • Blogs