Prof. Hardeep Mundra

  • Prof. Hardeep Kaur has range of experience to her credit from industry as well as academics. She has over 10 years of teaching experience and 3 years of corporate experience. She is a passionate teacher whose core competence lies in accounting and Finance. She is also an author, with multiple books which are well received in the market. Various research papers in International and national conferences at the reputed institutes

    Areas of Specialisation
    Accounting and Finance


    Date of Joining: 1/3/2019

  • Educational Qualifications

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  • Teaching

    15 years teaching experience 
    Financial mangement 
    Financial accounting
    wealth management 
    venture capital 
  • Research

    Area of Research
    Corporate Finance, Environmental Finance, Fundamental Research
    wealth management 
    Financial  market 

    Current Research
    Financial market post COVID
    Financial management of SMEs in Maharashtra
  • Publications

    Research Papers
    1) Best Research Paper Award- ‘Will Bharat Financial Inclusion rise from the ashes? Analysis of M & A and Emerging Issues. in RDA International conference at Goa.
    2) Best Research Paper Award- “Hedging as a financial Tool” Research paper presented in Mumbai university Conference.
    3) “An overview Globalization and its impact on Indian economy” presented in the national conference at N.M college of commerce and economics.
    4)”Glass ceiling effect in corporate sector” presented in National conference at Anna Leela College.
    5) “Revised Indian Accounting standard & its unfavorable Impact” presented in National conference at M.S.University of Baroda
    6) A perspective-SMEs financing through IPO, International conference in IBS Mumbai 7) Best Research Paper Award-IBS Mumbai-IBC Game Changer

    Publications in Book Chapters/Others
    Authored book on “Financial derivative “with ISBN no.958-94-5149- 258 for management students
    Co-authored book on ‘Foundation Course – II “Value Education and Soft Skill” for S.Y.BAF (Accounting & Finance)-SEM-IV (Sheth Publication).
    Authored book on “Strategic Management”-SEM-VI for T.Y.BBI (Sheth Publication) With ISBN no.978-93-5149-150-7
    Co-authored book on “ Management Accounting”-SEM-IV for S.Y.BAF (Sheth Publication)
    Co-authored book on “Introduction to Cost Accounting”-SEM-I for F.Y.BMS (Sheth Publication) With ISBN no.978-93-5149-142
    Authored book on “Financial reporting Analysis” SEM –with ISBN no. 978-93-5149-287-0 for TYBBI (Sheth publication )
    Authored book on “International Banking and Finance”with ISBN no.978-93-5149-286-3 for TYBBI(978-93-5149-286-3)
    CO-Authored Book on “financial management” for TYBAF(Sheth publication)
    Authored book on “Equity & debt market “with ISBN no.978-93- 5149-286-3 for S.Y.B.M.S.
    Authored book on “Value education & soft skill “with ISBN no.978- 93-5149-286-3 for S.Y.B.A.F

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    Research and Consultancy 
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    Market research project
    corporate research projects 
    Social responsibility research projects
    Research and Impact assessment

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    Empanled speaker of CGSI
    Trainer (CGSI)
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