Adjunct Faculty

VBS, we believe that real-world business experiences and practical exposures can add an altogether different dimension to the process of learning. Playing a role in this process is our adjunct faculty that comprises of members drawn from many of the well-respected business communities and academics. They are individuals who have proved their mettle in their respective fields through their high levels of success and achievement.

VBS’s adjunct faculty members are made of senior professionals from across the industry, including well-known business experts, or professionals from the corporate sector who have an aptitude for teaching and are happy to share their industry experiences with the students. The faculty members from the world of academics have been chosen carefully from the best management schools, a move that has ensured the institute is able to boast of academic excellence while providing inputs secured through valuable research to the graduating students.

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Date of Appointment Educational Qualification Subject Specialization
1 Prof. K.V.Ramkrishnan Professor Emeritus 1/7/2016 M.Com, LLM, CAIIB Finance