Grab Opportunity to Spread Your Wings
Aspire Create and Shape Entrepreneurial

To kickstart the career journey in their own creative way this generation has got a new name Startups” flavored with-creativity, anticipation to cope with challenges and spread wings in this competitive world in their innovative way. Today’s youth with their passion to do something and be someone get driven with enthusiasm and zeal. Their entrepreneurial dream pushes them to cross every boundary to explore and establish. The broad horizon shows them the path of becoming a job provider over job seeker. 

The strong support from the Indian government too is making it feasible for people to take the plunge.

On 16 January, 2021, government announced the launch of ‘Startup India Seed Fund’. This fund has a corpus of around Rs 1,000 crore. The current Indian government has been focusing on start-ups to create a new “Atmanirbhar Bharat” or a self-reliant India. 

Today these self-reliant youth are working in the areas of Defense, Software, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare and the list is endless. The Government of India is ensuring that the policy initiatives are geared towards enabling the growth of innovative start-ups. The government is also driving a campaign to create equal opportunities for women and help them raise funds easily for the growth of their businesses. 
The students of VES Business School too have registered a company under the Limited Liability Partnership Act (LLP). The first product of this start-up is expected to roll out during the mid-March 2021. The Institute encourages the students to progress with their bright ideas and in the years to come students are expected to explore their passion in the fields of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The VES Business School has been offering ample opportunities to its students by providing training in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Research. Students are currently working on projects like the application of artificial intelligence to home appliances, farming and logistics. 

After the recession triggered by the global pandemic, businesses are trying to turn around and many of them are applying the latest technology solutions like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to prepare for the coming days. The VES Business School too is focusing on these technologies as it is going to impact human life in a number of ways.

We, at VES Business School, believe in the power of start-ups. We train the students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through our regular summits and events.

For instance, “Scintillations” is a summit organized by the student committee i.e., the Business Incubation Cell (BIC) of the institute. The summit aims to enlighten the students with the emerging sectors in the financial market.

The E-Summit includes panel discussions and workshops on various aspects of the financial sector. In the summit, the concepts covered included Fintech, Fundraising, and Blockchain.

Parallel to this, we hold mentoring sessions for passionate students. Such students need some mentoring from industrialists, guiding them to build their future start-ups.

Our students take the fullest advantage of the in-depth mentoring. They come out of the VES business school with the well-equipped skills to tackle worldly problems.  

The Ideation Lab
The VES Business School will soon introduce the concept of an “IDEATION LAB” to motivate its students to bring out innovative business ideas. The Lab will be a place for students to discuss their business ideas and proposals under the guidance of the faculty. 

VES Business School is promoting entrepreneurship by mentoring, nurturing and facilitating start-ups throughout their life cycle. The aim of VES Business School is to support the National Programs of “Make in India” and “Digital India” with the aim to transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

In the coming years, we look forward to more brilliant minds to come forward and stand out from the crowd. Such an initiative will allow them to mark their presence on this planet, making them the – ULTIMATE PROBLEM SOLVER.