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Dr. Debjani Banerjee


Dr Debjani Banerjee has work experience of 26 years, of which 6 years corporate experience and 20 years academic. Worked as faculty of management for 16 years and 4 years in UG course. She is Masters in Economics and PGDBM with marketing specialization, PhD in management, research area being “ Retail Consumption and Economic Development as Influencers of Quality of Life- a study in the Urban Indian context”

She began her career as a lawyer practicing 2 yrs in Calcutta High court, worked with cargo courier industry for 4 years. This blend of corporate experience helped gain advantage to relate better, to the world of work.

A passionate teacher facilitating students to learn and broaden their horizon of knowledge. Strongly believe in disseminating knowledge, based on outcome based learning. Takes keen interest towards research and love to explore and enrich knowledge. Have presented papers in many national and international conferences. Presented one of the objective of PhD as a paper at Oxford University.

Core area of interest is micro economics and business environment focusing the macro dynamics of business world. Strategic management serves as another interest area as it acts as the backbone of sustainable competitive advantage.

Apart from academics plays key role in developing student’s employability skills. With a keen focus on precision, pursues the position of being Area Chairperson of Accreditation and Member Secretary of Internal Quality assurance Cell of the Institute.

Would like to share her experience and keep learning from diverse role and be more enriched in experience to help & nurture young leaders towards their journey of career making.


  • Marketing
  • General Management
  • Accreditation Process
  • Marketing
  • General Management (Economics & Strategic Management)
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation Process
  • General Management- Economics & Strategy


  • Email: debjani.banerjee@ves.ac.in


  • MA (Economics) - Ranchi University
  • LLB - Ranchi University
  • PGDBM (Marketing) - Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences
  • PhD from BIT, Mesra (Management)
  • MA (Economics), B.ed, PGDBM (Marketing), LLB
  • Certification in Outcome-based Education from IIT Kharagpur
Academic Affiliation:
  • Working as Associate Dean of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, VES Business School
  • Working as Assistant Professor with VESIMSR since April 2010
  • Worked as Senior Faculty Member for MBA, with ICFAI, Mumbai, 2005 May - 2010 March
  • Worked as Lecturer in Anandibai Damodar Kale College, UG college from Aug 2004 - April 2005
  • Worked as Lecturer in Jogesh Chandra Choudhury College (Kolkata, 1999-2000)
  • Worked as Lecturer in Bangabashi College of Commerce (Kolkata, 1997-1999)

Professional Affiliation :
  • Worked with Hummingbird Cargo Courier as Regional Head (2000-2004)
  • Practiced at Calcutta High Court between (1995-1997)
  • Life member of Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS) International
  • Member of Marketing Profs Today
  • Reviewer of Journal "Academy and Business Review" (Scopus Indexed)
  • Reviewer of Journal "International Journal of Business and Economic Development (UK)"


  • Macro Economics
  • Micro Economics
  • Indian Economics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Environment
  • Marketing Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Retail Management
  • International Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • Corporate Communication


Area of Research

  • Developmental Economics
  • Environmental Management
  • Emerging Economies
  • Branding
  • Green Marketing
  • Retail Consumption and Customer Satisfaction
  • Forecasting

Current Research

  • Organized Retailing
  • E-commerce
  • Predictive Modeling for Social Welfare
  • Consumer Purchase Decision



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Research Paper

  • A Commentary published on “Consumption through Retail- Review of Literature” in Journal Of Development Research, Vol- No 1, April-June, 2010.
  • Analysis of Literature Review of Consumption pattern- An Important Indicator of Economic Development” in International Journal of Enterprise Computing & Business Systems (online) Vol-1 Issue 2 in July 2011.
  • Paper titled “Emotional Marketing- A Strategic way to Brand Recall and Extension” published in Quest International Journal of Management and Research. Vol-2(1) ISSN No 0976-3317 Aug 2011.
  • Published a paper titled “FDI in Retail- A Policy of Self Sustaining Development” in Bharti IMSR Journal- Vol 6 No-1 July 2014.
  • Published paper titled "Influence of Organized retail over unorganized Micro, small and medium retail stores in boosting consumption and its impact on Economic Development" in Journal of Development Research, Vol-7 issue 2, Oct 2014.
  • Published paper titled "Has modern retailing in India influenced the consumption behaviour of Urban socio-economic classes?" in Indian Journal of Marketing (Scopus) Vol 45, Issue 6, June 2015.
  • Published paper titled "Impact of economic development on quality of life and human happiness: a study on urban socio-economic classes of suburban Mumbai" in International Journal of Business and Economic Development (EBSCO) Vol 4 issue 6, Nov 2016.
  • Global dominant Models Rotating The Wheels of Smart City in ELK Asia Pacific Journals, ISSN NO: 978-81-933908-0-1 on 01-03-2016.
  • Trade area influencing retail strategic matrix in ELK Asia Pacific Journals, ISSN NO: 978-81-933908-0-1, on 01-02-2018.
  • Shopping Motives Influencing: "Brick Vs Click" A Sustainable Business Model, in Journal of Development Research (JDR), Basic 19 conference Issue, ISBN: 978-93-5311-935-5, on 01-11-2018.
  • Data Analytics- Roadmap ahead- issues and perspectives, in Conference Compendium, ISBN 978-93-5213-860-9, on 01-02-2019.
  • Ethical Practices and Big data analytics, in Conference Compendium, ISBN 978-93-5213-860-9, on 01-02-2019.
  • A study of twin deficit on economic development, in Conference Compendium, ISBN 978-93-5213-860-9, on 01-02-2019.

Publications in Book Chapters/Others

  • Contributed a Chapter titled ‘Gender Bias in Culture & Tradition’ in the book “Gender Bias-Issues & Perspectives’ Edited by Dr Suvarna Sen published by Icfai Books in Jan 2009
  • Article published in July 09 issue of “Advertisement Express” published by ICFAI Press on “Cutting Edge of buzz in Brand Management”
  • A chapter titled "Can green marketing enhance sustainability and influence customer satisfaction?, in book titled "Sustainability: Inspiration, Innovation & Inclusion" By Emerald Publication ISBN No 9781786354143, June 2017.
  • Co-Edited a book "Big Data Analytics & Smart Cities" published by ELK Asia Pacific Journals, ISBN No 978-93-85537-00-4, in May 2017.
  • Article published in Aug 2019 issue on "Opportunity of Analytics in Business World" published by HT Media student
  • A chapter titled "Connecting Academia and Industry: Bridging Gap for Innovative and Far Reaching attainment Post Pandemic." by Saliha Publications Vaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu, India, e book entitled INDUSTRIAL PEOPLE MANAGEMENT VOLUME-III . ISBN: 978-81-947377-6-6.
  • A Chapter title "Women Entrepreneurship: An Overview in Indian Context." published by Empyreal Publishing House, Book Titled Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Higher Education ISBN : 978-81-946375-X-X

Working Papers

  • Influence of Clustering Effect in identifying Potential Market segment for Organized Retailer
  • E-Commerce and its Rhetoric impact on Economic Development
  • Impact of Brick Vs Click Developing a Sustainable Model
  • Impact of WOM (word of mouth) in consumer purchase decision
  • Use of Big data & Predictive Modeling in Facilitating Social welfare & Economic Growth
  • SLT, ST, and E-Cig consumption and impact in Pandemic


  • Conducted Workshop on Outcome Based Learning & Accreditation Process, at N L Dalmia Institute on 18th Jan 2020
  • Conducted Workshop on Outcome Based Learning & Accreditation Process, at St. Francis Institute of Management and Research on 12th Dec 2019
  • Paper presented at PAN IIT International Management Conference 2018, IIT Roorkee, Dept of Management on 30-11-2018
  • Attended SASFin19conference held at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel on 13-03-2019
  • Paper presented at BASIC 19, VESIM on 15-02-2019
  • Paper presented at BASIC 18, VESIM on 09-02-2018
  • Conducted Workshop on Outcome Based Learning & Accreditation Process), from 5th to 6th Oct 2018, at VESIM
  • Conducted Worskhop on Situtation Analysis and Decision making, on 8th Oct 2018, at VESIM
  • Attended 3 days International Conference and Annual Meeting, held at Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, held from 14-04-2019 to 16-04-2019
  • Attended 4 days workshop on Research Approaches and Methods in Management and Social Sciences at IIT Bombay, held from 05-06-2018 to 09-06-2018
  • Presented Paper in ICFAI National College Coimbatore & the paper was published in their journal. ( Ethics in Modern Management) in Dec 2006.
  • Presented Papers & selected for publication at D.Y.Patil Management College(Belapur)Navi Mumbai in Feb 2007 ( BPO/KPO management Challenges)
  • Paper presented in AIIMS Vth International Conference conducted in Hyderabad in Dec 2007. ( Management Challenges in present Technological & Globalised Economy.)
  • Paper presented in INC Trichy for the International Paper Presentation , conducted in December 2007. Published in conference journal.
  • Paper presented in IBS Kolkata in the International Paper presentation in Jan 2008 on “Corporate Social Responsibility & Transformational measures” Published in Conference proceeding
  • Paper presented at International Conference in IBS Ahmedabad on “ Transformational Innovation in Retail” on 16th Aug 08. published in conference proceeding.
  • Paper presented in the National IT Conference at PIMR Indore on “ Retail & technological Innovation “ in Sept 2008 published in “ IT enabled practices & Emerging Management Paradicms “ by Excel Books N. Delhi.
  • Paper presented & published by Excel books N. Delhi at PIMR ( Prestige Institute of Management Studies and Research,Indore, on “Retail Marketing-New Paradigm shift” in 2009.
  • Paper selected for presentation at IEAE Annual conference on sept 2008, at Cambridge University on “ Assessmeent for improving learning”
  • Presented a Research paper at “ Tolani Institute Of Management, Kuchh (Gujrat) on 5th Nov 2010 on “ Emotional Marketing- A Strategic way to Brand Recall & Extension”, paper being accepted by SSRN ( Social Science Research Network) eLibrary Abstract ID 2325332.
  • Presented paper in 9th Global Marketing Conference and published in Conference Compendium of K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, on Conference theme “ Ubiquitous Marketing-Unwired Consumer rewriting rulebooks” paper titled“Does In Store Promotion Trigger Consumption In The Age Of Ubiquitous Marketing?” in Jan 2014.
  • Presented paper in 10th Global Marketing Conference and published in Conference Compendium of K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, paper presented " “Modern Retail: A Roadmap to Enhanced Consumption Expenditure and Quality Of Life.”
  • Presented paper in 5th Annual International Conference on Sustainability, " Green Marketing" March 2016
  • Presented Paper on Conference on Brand Management at IIT Delhi, " Impact of Brand Personality in Influencing Consumer Purchase and Satisfaction" in April 2016
  • Presented paper at 6th INternational Conference on Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE) in June 2016, paper Titlled " Impact of Economic Development on Quality of Life"
  • Paper presented at BASIC 16 ( Big Data Analytics and Smartcities International Conference) titled " Global Dominant Models Rotating the Wheels of Smart City"
  • Participated in a one day Seminar, on "Gandhism and its relevance to Modern Management" organized by Vartak College of Arts, Science & Commerce, in Feb 2006
  • Attended a One day workshop on "How to get published in Internationally referred business journals" at IBS Pune, Jan 2007
  • One-day faculty development programme on “Creating joyful learning and teaching experience” held on September 6, 2014 at VESIMSR
  • Attended two day Workshop of NBA Accreditation & E-SAR evaluation, conducted at Trivandrum Engineering College in Nov 2014
  • One day Seminar on NAAC's Process of Assessment and Accreditation for Non Accredited Colleges, at Birla college of Arts Science and Commerce, Kalyan, in Feb 2015
  • Attended 15 days AICTE sponsored FDP, on "Pedagogy from outcome based management education" organized by BIT, Mesra, Dept of Management, in April 2015
  • Attended one day seminar at VESIMSR on "Big Data Analytics, Turning Complexity into Simplicity", in Oct 2015
  • Attended 3 days 3rd World Summit on Accreditation, in Gurgaon, Delhi, in March 2016
  • Attended a 5 days workshop on "Applied Financial Modelling" at IIT Hyderabad, Dept of Liberal arts. in July 2016
  • Attended 6 days Workshop on "Structural Equation Modelling" at VESIMSR, in Dec 2016
  • Attended 2 days Workshop at IIM Kolkata, on "Case Base Method of Teaching" in March 2017
  • Attended 1 day workshop at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Center on "Accreditation Eligibility Workshop" in Aug 2019
  • Attended online workshop on "The Fundamentals of Academic Research" conducted by Endeavour Research Club in association with Jai Hind College in May 2020
  • Attended online 10th International Conference on Economics and Trade and Development ICETD, Seoul, South Korea, in May 2020
  • Attended online seminar on Self-reliant India: with special reference to the economy on 10 June 2020
  • Attended online seminar on Looking Beyond Net Zero in Human Settlements on 12 June 2020
  • Attended online webinar on "Story Telling Through Data Visualisation" by VESIM on 3rd July 2020
  • Attended online webinar on "How to conduct webinars like a pro" by Aspirio Global on 13th July 2020
  • Online webinar on "National Education Policy 2020 & The Hope for Better Adolescent Health" on 21st Aug 2020
  • Attended Live webinar on "Modernize your IT infrastructure for extreme performance" by ET CIO, in association with Oracle, on 25th Aug 2020
  • Attended online YLC session on "LGBTQ inclusion in Indian workspace" on 28th Aug 2020
  • Attended online webinar on "Mental Health Services International Quiz on Covid 19, on 30th Aug 2020
  • Attended online webinar on "Amplifying Engagement: Energizing Students in Large Online Classrooms" by Harvard Business Publishing Education on 17th Sept 2020

Work in Committees and Groups



  • Appointed as Mentor –Academia of BRATS (Brand, Research, Advertising, Technology, and Strategies.) National Reviewer of All India AIIMS Summer Internship Project Advisory board of N L Dalmia

Custom Programs

  • NBA Consultant to various Institutes of Mumbai

Speaking Engagements

  • Invited as a Panel Speaker for Online webinar on "Missing Connect Between Industry and Institutions" conducted by BRATS, on 16th July 2020
  • Invited as a Reviewer at The 10th International Conference on Economics, Trade and Development (ICETD), May 2020
  • Invited as a Resource Person for 2 Days National Level FDP on "Publishing with Scholarly Journals" by S.R. Luthra Institute of Management, Gujarat, Surat, in Jan 2020
  • Invited as a keynote speaker by Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Charitable Trust-Mira road
  • Invitation as a keynote speaker at Podar World College
  • Invited as a keynote speaker for Concourse by Jai Hind College
  • Invited as a Panel Speaker by GNVS Institute of Management
  • A session conducted for a group of Women Managers from Europe, organized by EWMD (European Women’s Management Development) International in Jan 2009, in collaboration with European union & Indian Chamber of Commerce, at hotel “Parla International” Mumbai, on “The Indian Middle Class (marketing perspective)”
  • A session conducted in HR Meet to debate the issues faced by HR fraternity during economic slowdown, on 11th September 2009, at Pillai’s Institute of Management Studies & Research in New Panvel Navi Mumbai

Awards and Honours

  • Recognition of Extra Ordinary Contribution as a Reviewer in AIMS International, Jan 2020
  • Awarded with "Outstanding Management Teacher Award" by AIMS International in Jan 2020
  • Invited as a Delegate at the SEAA's 12th International Accreditation Conference, on 25th Nov 2019
  • Invited as a Delegate to the World Quality Day function by Quality forum on 14th Nov 2019
  • Invited as a Mentor Speaker by BRATS on 7th Nov 2019
  • Awarded with Indira Parikh Award for Women Leader in Education, by World education congress on 8th July 2019
  • Member of Advisory Board of N L Dalmia Institute of management studies and research, 2018
  • National Reviewer of All India AIIMS Summer Internship Project, 2018
  • Invited as a Chief Guest at Podar World College for the Induction program, 2018
  • Invited as a key note speaker at Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Charitable Trust-Mira road to felicitate girl achievers of SSC and HSC examination, 2018
  • 2nd Best Doctoral paper award in 2018 at AIMS International Conference on Management at IMT Ghaziabad for the paper "Retail consumption and Economic Development as Influencers of Quality of Life: A Study in the Urban Indian Context"
  • Invited as a key note speaker for Concourse by Jai Hind College
  • Invited as a Panel Speaker by GNVS Institute of Management
  • Best paper award in 2011 at “Tolani Institute of Management, Kachchh, for the paper “Emotional Marketing- A Strategic way to Brand Recall & Extension”, the paper was published in their journal- “Quest International Journal of Management Research” and was further accepted by SSRN (Social Science Research Network) for their eLibrary. Abstract ID 2325332.
  • Guided the participating team of Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management Studies and Research to win 3rd position in the paper presentation Contest (Research based) at 20th BSA (Business School Affairs, in collaboration with Hindustan Uniliver Limited, in “Dewang Mehta Business School Awards” for the theme “A Brand New World”


  • Opportunity of Analytics in Business World
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