COE - VBS Behavioral Assessment Centre

Behavioural Assessment has become an integral part of business school curricula today with many of them implementing the concept. VBS has established the Behavioral Assessment Center (VEBAC) as a centre of excellence. VEBAC is an innovative step towards talent identification and development, performance evaluation, and learning and development.

The Behavioral Assessment Centre of VBS is a key selection criterion employed at many of the prestigious business organizations to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) of a candidate or an employee. The centre develops candidates to take on big roles in these organizations by assessing their competencies, and also their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The VBS uses a variety of assessment techniques, including advanced psychometric tools for determining the competencies of a candidate. After the detailed analysis of the competencies, skills, and attitudes of the student, the guidance programs are developed. The candidates are informed about their inherent qualities, their attributes, and suitable job positions. The candidates are guided by our experts who help them sharpen their competencies and acquire qualities that are necessary for performing well on a particular job. 

At the Centre all the tests are overseen by certified psychometric trainers. We help the interested individuals and organizations to conduct the behavioral assessment tests throughout the organization. Our tailored solutions can aid in managing people, the work environment, and also study the work performances. The exercises give the best psychological evaluation of a candidate. These exercises also help develop the self-awareness and self-confidence of the person being analysed. The tests help to build a candidate’s leadership skills while developing positive attitudes towards complex situations in the organizations, and adapting to different situations, and improving their skills to make decisions and solve problems. 

Objectives of the Centre include;
  • Assessing the personality of an individual or team and improving their inner strengths, and sharpening their competencies.
  • Assessing the potential of an individual or team and elevating their confidence, and commitment to their responsibilities in an organization.
  • To meet the objectives, the Centre invites top behavioral assessment experts regularly. The experts share their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences with the candidates.
  • Benefits of Behavioral Assessment Centre
  • Helps faculty map the candidate with the job.
  • Helps organizations select the right candidate for a position.
  • Psychological evaluation looks into a person’s inner strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Simulations identify a candidate’s behaviors under different circumstances.
  • An expert intervention provides correct insights.
  • All candidates undergo the same tests, ensuring fairness in evaluation, and minimizing chances of results being contested