COE - Banking & Finance

The role of the financial sector in ensuring the development of an economy is significant and extensive. A functioning, well-organized, and a robust financial system plays a crucial role in the fast growth of any economy and this is the case with India too. The sector has been seeing continuous changes in response to the demands of the economic developments and has strong links to global developments as India is on the path to be a major economy. Several reforms were introduced to enhance profitability and ensure stability. Businesses have been contributing to the growth and stability of this system. But, this contribution is not reflected in businesses when they fail to manage their finances.  Businesses are therefore keen on employing skilled finance managers to handle matters relating to finance. The Centre of Excellence - Banking and Finance at VBS is being established to help the students develop their finance management skills. The Centre of Excellence will be holding events regularly on the campus to help the students hone their skills.