This is the right time for a PGDM/MBA

The past year and a half has been a tough period. The job market was at its worst and the economy was weakened and it looked like it would take some time for both to recover. But, there’s a bounce back in anticipation of the coming recovery. But, what about the graduates who are hunting for jobs?

Is it the right time to look to upgrade one’s skills? When the chips are down, students may be reluctant to take up any new courses. But, it’s time to act rationally and not feel let down by the lack of opportunities.  As the job market is just picking up, it’s people with the right qualifications and experience that the firms are looking for. The jobs are sparse and very few at the moment for the freshers, and hence, it’s the right moment for ‘toughening up’. Make yourself much less vulnerable to the impact of the uncertainties in the job market brought on by the pandemic that could linger for some time to come. While you may have a professional degree that you thought would land you a job, it may seem inadequate in the current situation. The current period is proving to be quite challenging for a fresher to find a job that’s suitable to the qualification.


 Upgrade is the order of the day

 The COVID-19 had left hundreds of millions across the world struggling to make their ends meet. It’s effects continue to linger. The bounce back has not been resulting in adequate job generation. Why not bullet proof yourself against such an eventuality? Upgrade, so to speak! Do a PGDM or an MBA. These professional courses better the chances of getting a job, and a better paying one at that. While most new graduates fret about the challenges of landing the right job, you can get a leg up on most of the competition if you decide to do an MBA or a PGDM. While the pandemic runs its course, why not take up a course that can improve your chances of employment by a greater order by the time you finish the course of your choice that meets your aptitude?

Interestingly, the PGDM/MBA is one such evergreen course that is very much in demand among the corporates. All businesses are today desperately looking for managers to help run the show and also help them to continue thriving and growing in these hyper-competitive times.

Many of the great business leaders understood that the business or economic downturns not only pose huge challenges, but also throw up enormous business opportunities. As indicated in the current crisis, the business world had to pivot their models and their ways of working to ensure their long-term survival. New models, such as the work-from-home and several other online models of conducting business operations have necessitated the development of models that require changes in people’s mindsets. The idea of work and workplace that had been built up over decades have now been upended.

Start Now

Many of the MBA programmes today are designed for people who need to balance their jobs and several other priorities. It means they do not follow the traditional teaching periods of commencing a new degree at the start of the academic year. That’s an opportunity that you should make use of. Nowadays, many programmes allow for four, five or even six entry points all through the year which means you can start your degree within a matter of days or weeks. So, you can start your academic pursuit right away without having to wait for months on end for the right time to apply for admission to a course.


A need

Doing a degree now is very beneficial as you get to learn a lot and get to understand the new business environment and many of the business models that have come into vogue following the onset of the pandemic. The pandemic has upended the world of business and consequently, the world of work as well to unimaginable levels. A degree or a certification at this juncture will get you the right exposure to the current needs and keep you in tune with the demands of the business world, post-pandemic. This will thus help you focus on your need for the right qualification and not feel like a fish out of water.

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- Hetal Palan