Study Hacks for Success

Study skills one develops early on in life defines career success. Embrace a few study hacks that save time and increase efficiency. Some students have the habit of poring over their books till the last minute, but failing to score the marks they aimed for, while a few study not more than  half an hour every day and score high marks. What then is the secret of success?


Stay fit: To be mentally fit, one has to be physically fit too. A daily exercise regimen can re-energize and refresh you. It prepares the mind to take up challenges and be creative. Try exercising everyday and it can do wonders. Do what you enjoy -- Zumba, some dancing, walking, running or even Yoga.


Silence is not golden: Though reading aloud doesn’t sound appealing, it can do wonders in remembering what you are reading as it helps your focus better.


Try sports: If you love sports, you can treat yourself after completing a few chapters. Once you have completed your homework, play a sport with your friends. For success in life, teamwork is important in addition to high marks. It helps build confidence and in personality development.


Teaching friends: Once you have understood a concept, teach someone as this will polish your knowledge of the concept. Group discussions help learn faster and are a motivator.


Visualise: To remember anything, draw flowcharts of activities/processes to remember things step-by-step. This creates a visual memory to easily recall during examination.


Save Time, Watch Videos Online: If reading and understanding the concepts takes up too much time, watch videos online or take online tutoring to understand concepts and remember things. It is not the number of hours you study, but how smartly you study. Even documentaries on certain events help.


Success is about being happy when doing something. Learn everything being taught in class in a fun-filled manner while staying focused.


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- Hetal Palan