What Makes Vivekanand Business School a Top Choice for PGDM Course

It is often said,
You Learn when You do it!

We see a paradigm shift from our schools where we learn and then do it to our lives where we do and learn. This shift brings significant changes to our perspectives of life, career and other aspects of life. But our wondered how does this shift from one phase to other begins?

It is believed that it begins in our later stages of academic journey that is either Graduate College or Post Graduate College and majority of the times it’s the latter one. This phase of any individual is one of the most important stage to compete in their professional life as it teaches how corporates work, how and where do we fit in the environment, what and how mistakes are made and corrected etc. Having a guide at this stage is a blessing to any individual where this role is played by our colleges.

Talking about a guide, mentor who helps student to become more successful in their life, the top choice always goes to Vivekanand Business School situated in Chembur, Mumbai.

You wonder why? There are several reasons for stating the same such as:

  • Allows us to make mistakes: Yes, you read it right, VES Business School not only allows us to makes mistakes but also teaches us what will be the effects of the same, how to rectify it as well as how to avoid the same mistake from happening in real life.

As it is said, make mistakes while you prepare instead of making it during the test.

  • You Do and Learn: VES Business School makes it a priority that the students learn and gain experience while doing the tasks, thus it comes up with various events and task to refine the management skills of students with the help of different clubs of the colleges such as General Management Cell, Operations Cell, Finance Cell, Marketing Cell, HR Club, E-Cell, Business Incubator Cell and many more with events such as Literati Fest, Sarvoday, M.A.D (Mad over Design) and many more.

  • Interaction Based Learning: When you connect with industry experts, the interaction always leads to wise insights about the industry, its requirement and expectation from the students. VES Business schools conducts many such programs which let its student connect with the experts with deep experience such as Leadership Series, PRAVESH INCORPORATE, Kalpana, Webinars from Different domains, VEnalytic – Domain analytics Webinar Series etc. We witnessed the presence of many great personalities such as Mr. Bhushan Malkani, Mrs. Minal Srivasta, Mr. Chandrashekhar Iyer and many more. Such sessions help students to connect with the experts and grow in correct directions.

  • Diversified Subjects: We all learned Pythagoras Theorem in our school, but not many learnt where do we apply it, similarly we all learn many theories and principles in our colleges but very few teaches the applicability of the same in life, VES Business School not only teaches it but also has dedicated subjects for the same such as Simulation, Python, R programming, Data Visualization, Managing Yourself and many more. Many of the students are well versed with programming languages such as Python and R but only few of them learn the applicability of the same in Business and corporations. Simulation is one of the subjects where you apply all the theories, formulas, principles to run a virtual company which teaches the highs and lows of a market, company environment and management skills

  • Student Development Approach: VES Business School is determined to make it students ready for all its future endeavors be it their professional life or personal with its student development approach. We have a personality growth lab inducted in our programs which helps each student to develop his/her personality, Faculty Mentors, Industry Mentors to look after their personal and professional development and to guide them when they are stuck at any point. These sessions not only help students to grow but gives a break from the work they do and ease up their mental state contributing to their mental health.

It is easier to pick many such reasons to choose VES Business School for PGDM over others not only because of the above-mentioned reasons but a lot more such as Student friendly Faculty, Growth oriented Focus etc.


Journey to success is difficult, but having a guide like VES Business School surely makes the journey easy, enjoyable and Fun.





Deepesh Jain
Vivekanand Business School