Interesting ways to deal with stress during the times of presentations/interviews

We all must have felt those jittery butterflies in our stomach, the blood in our veins going hyper aware, blood vessels popping in our brains to the point that, it feels like it's going to explode. Yes, you all are guessing it right, these are the symptoms or rather we can should say clear signs of stress and nervousness.


 If we would discuss the signs of stress it can go on forever, but what if there are some very interesting and fun ways to deal with this heat rushing moments? Yes, you read it right 'Interesting and Fun


Let's cut to the chase and see what are those ways which can help you to deal with stress more marvelously:

1. Jump, walk and Breathe:

During the time of presentations/ interviews our muscles goes rigid and taunt to the point that it feels like it's getting really uncomfortable in your own skin.  It becomes really important to relax your muscles and your overall body. So, in order to do that, just set a trip for the nearby 'washroom' of your presentation/interview's venue.







 The distance and time between the going and coming back will count as your walking, which will instantly help you to relax your muscles. After reaching to the said destination, make sure no one is around because you wouldn't want to look like an alien performing some sacred ritual. Yes, so next comes here after walking is 'jumping', jumping will help you to circulate blood flow in your body more properly. Starting from your toes to your head, every muscle will fill the electrifying power. Try to jump at least 5 times, with your hands tugging your hand side to side.


2. Talk to one of your close ones :



After the walk and jumping is done, now all you have to do is take deep breaths to calm your nerves. Presentation and interview not only just bring stress with them, they bring 'mental stress' as well. Unfamiliar environment during the time of interview could be overwhelming at times, so in order to set your emotional level to the base, talking to your closed ones can come handy.


Just before reaching the venue or before the interview starts, just call up one your close ones, take some encouraging words from their side, and we could guarantee that it will slip you into more peaceful zone.


3. Reach the venue half an hour early:

Not knowing where you are going, what will the place look like will set your nerves to drive crazy. Maybe the location is far away from your home or maybe you are not familiar with the said location. During such times if we think we'll reach in time and when we don't; that's the part where the overwhelming feelings start to flood in corruption our entire preparation.




So, try to reach the venue before time, it's also very important to adapt quickly into the newer environment. When you get to know the venue properly it will give sufficient time to relax and go through your preparations.


4. Keep yourself hydrated:


It's not just about your mental health it's also about your physical health. Our brain it is comprised of 70% water, it works most efficiently only when provided with the same thing, 'Water'. During the time of stress, our throats becomes no less than a Sahara desert. Completely dry and parched. The feel of water going down your throat helps to make that itchy feel go away, as well as it helps to cool your body temperature down.


When your body's temperature cools down, the functioning of your brain and body becomes more efficient. With a clear throat and relaxed muscle who won't be able to crack the interview. Note : Try to avoid any cold drinks or sweet drinks as it leaves the after taste and can make your body to go under sugar rush.


 5. Everyone is pumpkin/ small toddlers:


 Public speaking is the nightmare of many students out there. Stage fright, numb muscles, mind going completely blank, shivering and what not. I'm sure no one wants to experience these during the time of their important presentation. What if, there is a way to deal with these fright of public speaking? Imagine you giving your presentation, everyone in the hall scrutinizing you like a leaf under the microscope. But what if all of a sudden their heads turned into pumpkin?



Funny right!  Won't that make it easier for you to deliver your speech more smoothly? No one there to judge you or criticize you. There's one more way to deal with stage fright, think like your audience are not some highly educated members but rather think them as sweet innocent toddlers. Those toddlers who are eagerly waiting to learn about the new story you are going to narrate.



It will be like explaining the stuff about your presentation to someone who is clueless about that topic, this thought will definitely boost up your confidence.

You know when they say, knowledge is of no use when you don't know how to deliver it properly. And with a stressed mind, not even a high IQ genius can excellence the hurdles. We hope the above fun and interesting methods will come handy and be your savior for your future endeavors.




Nidhi Umdekar