Who is to decide what is ethical and what is not? As complicated as this question sounds, the answer is quite plain and simple. One is always aware of what their conscience permits and what it forbids. Our conscience does its job pretty gracefully but to adhere or to ignore is our call. Today, the scenarios that exist in the world of business are quite complicated with our heart and values on one side of the scale and money on the other. The question is, can both these sides weigh equally?


Business conducted with right morals can consume more time in fetching profits. But in the long run, following the right course of action is what keeps the business machines running, with customer trust and loyalty of employees acting as the fuel. Taking a shortcut may seem convenient and alluring at first. However, the satisfaction gained without any inputs of hard work might be different from what you initially expected. You can tuck your business under profits and put on a show on the exterior but you cannot cheat your own self and your virtues. The guilt that follows also narrates stories of self-reflection. The disappointment of not being able to give back starts kicking in.


Businesses have certain responsibilities towards the society. Going about doing business without malice in your heart is what is expected. Ultimately, it’s upto you to decide what makes you sleep peacefully at night. Is it the material pleasures or food for your soul?






Rithika Rao


Batch 2020-2022
Vivekanand Business School