Makarand Konaskar

Life gives you opportunities where you can not only be a part of the overall process but also learn and evolve your inherent skills accordingly. Business Analytics and Smart Cities Conference was one such event where we could work as a team and help the event be a success despite of all the ups and downs faced in the process.

BASIC helped us evolve not only as a volunteer but helped us bring out the best of all the abilities and skills which couldn't have been exposed than such a great platform as this. BASIC was such an event, where we planned out things two months prior to the actual day of the event. This not only helped us the get the actual layout of the event but also helped us learn the overall process planning throughout the event. We applied all the principles of management in practicality which not only helped us develop an overall understanding of the bookish knowledge we had but also apply it in the real life. This experiential learning is where we learned about how to handle things in a corporate right from handling the participants of the Data Quezt to the International Delegates that had come for the International Conference.

The event helped us get an international exposure of through the talks of Delegates from Spain which had come from the event. Their respective learning and experiences shared in the event shaped our perspectives about the Smart cities and Business analytics in general.

The learning and the outcomes of the event were quite beneficial and helped us hone out the best of management skills during the process.


Makarand Konaskar

Vivekananda business school