Priyanka Nagotkar

Literati Fest is one such fest at VESIM that every student and faculty member look forward. “VESIM Literati Fest “is an annual literature festival organized at VESIM campus in the month of January. It is a scintillating and vibrant literature festival spread over two days.

This fest is an attempt to celebrate the talent of the writers within us and all around the globe who have the soul aim to spread their knowledge to the society. It’s a celebration with an ultimate aim to pay respect to creativity and bring together the coolest artists, creative writers, readers, motivational speakers and start-ups on one platform which creates a thriving community that can help make our college great and happening.

Literati event is organized by VESIM’S Marketing Cell. The Fest has witnessed around 40+ sessions, 100+ speakers, authors, prominent celebrities, gala evenings and several audience engagements. It has brought together a diverse mix of panel discussions & book launches with speakers representing different genres like fiction, history, fashion and media, sports, entrepreneurship, economics, industry & politics. Celebrities like renowned film director Madhur Bhandarkar to India’s number 1 News18 Host Mr. Amish Devgan grace the event by their presence. Due to this huge exposure to all the industries from the expert speakers the students get to learn and experience the ongoing trends of every industry with a broader perspective.

The uniqueness of this fest is it not only about books but also focuses on understanding & unveiling Indian culture, roots & ethos. The ‘VESIM Literati Fest’ enables learning by exposing its participants to understand writings on the current social context of India. The students also get a chance to be a part of the fest in the form of a participant so that they could showcase their talent in front of the eminent speakers and audience or in an organizing team so that they could get an experience of managing a big show none other than Lit Fest.

Overall, I would say that this Literati fest is not just a fest but a lit experience which enlightens everyone with new knowledge and inspirational stories that every student at VESIM could treasure.



Priyanka Nagotkar
Vivekananda business school