Opportunity in Adversity: How Management Students Can Become Game Changers

Man is a social animal. Besides, businesses function in the social context. Therefore, it is our moral responsibility towards society to make it for a better future. In the present pandemic, the  role of management students demands self and social development through holistic personality growth. People across nations and continents have severely suffered from the pandemic and the fight against pandemic is still on. In the above scenario, management students can play a crucial role and become game-changers. We propose few stepladders that have the potential to create breakthrough outcomes. These measures are inside-out perspective. Put differently, management students can build themselves first to create breakthrough outcomes. 

Building Confidence through Class Participation 

Management students hail from the different socio-cultural background. The mode and language of their education are diverse. Similarly, their social, moral and educational growth is determined by the local and social content they come from. Therefore, their perception of class participation varies according to their overall experience and career aspirations. The role of postgraduate management education is to impart personal, social, moral and professional development. And class participation is one of the most effective ways to develop students’ self-confidence. This helps students to learn management concepts, theories, business models and frameworks through mutual class debates and discussion. Class participation gets influenced by personality dimension. Diffident and enthusiastic students can grow through class participation horizontally. The virtual class has created a space to participate without showing face or how do you appear. It can develop remarkable confidence and help to remove stage fear and social speaking hesitation while developing group debates ability and management presentation skills.

Management schools assign marks for class participation that carries from 10 to 40%. Students participating in more in-class debates and discussion receive more marks than students not participating. This will help in getting better placement offers. Class participation has a win-win situation for management students in particular and stakeholders in general.

Creating Parallel Business Platform

Before the pandemic, we never expected to experience the world as we see today. We never expected to function in business classes and many businesses online. In such adversity, many businesses houses have created an innovative platform to operate their business. They have created immense wealth during the pandemic as their businesses have flourished by leaps and bounds. Many online teaching platforms such as Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams etc. have generated money through an innovative platform. Management students can learn to create a various platform that can change the traditional nature of business.

Learning Innovative Skills through Various Teaching Platform

Virtual classes have saved a lot of time from travelling to college and for other field-based assignments. Students can utilise the saved time effectively by searching online course/program and develop their knowledge and skills through world-class management experts. EDX, Coursera, and many such platforms offer creative and innovative courses catering to the needs of management students across disciplines. Our institute is a pioneer in offering such courses where students can learn the most advanced and innovative skills in their domain.

Lessons from Socially-Deprived People

Many socially deprived community have faced adversity during the pandemic. However, many communities have created new businesses and shown exemplary lesson to us. Transgender, eunuch and differently-abled community have created restaurants, motels and other businesses for their survival. Such businesses are more sustainable and have created huge employment opportunity for people. When differently-abled people can create an opportunity and provide employment scope for others, why can’t business management students develop better opportunity for other socially deprived community through their management skills and experiences? Management students should ponder this.

Business management students can change the deep-rooted stereotyping perception towards such a community by engaging, learning and collaborating with them in building new businesses. Our sensitivity towards such a community decides our mental, psychological and social development.

Volunteering Help for Society

Management students bear social responsibility towards society. Our vision is to create socially responsible managers. To fulfil the institute vision, they can extend their volunteer service to underprivileged, needy and suffering people. This will lead to individual, moral, social and professional development. Organisations have people from different sections, genders, class, orientation etc. Students with an empathetic attitude towards people can understand their problems better and hence can address their grievances to create vibrant working culture.

The organisation is a tiny part of society. Management students are budding managers and they can play an instrumental role in building a better society. Therefore, volunteering to help people can make them the real hero and responsible social managers.


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Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta