MBA – An ideal choice?

A single google search for the question, “Questions asked during an MBA interview,” will show WHY MBA? as one of the topmost questions, but do we really know why should we opt for this high-sounding course? What is so extraordinary about this course?

Well, I am sure the answer to this will be different for different people, so I am going to try and answer this question based on my understanding and experience as a student currently pursuing MBA.


MBA is inclusive
An MBA course can be deemed ‘inclusive’, which, according to me is its USP (unique selling proposition). It invites and includes students irrespective of their educational backgrounds, across the country, experienced or inexperienced. Each and every kind of student is welcome to learn and also share the knowledge they possess. 


A new beginning
This course acts as a new beginning for many, a stepping stone towards the specialization one wishes to pursue. Students across different fields with or without experience start at the same level, from the basics preparing themselves for their preferred and chosen specialization. It is a great choice for those looking for a career change and glowing business opportunities. For most students, it’s like being the new kid on the block again but also creates a friendly space for students to adjust to the new change and perspective.


A wide spectrum of specializations
This course has got you covered with a range of specializations on different aspects and verticals involved in the business. Specializations in General Management, International Business, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Analytics, etc., you name it and, it’s got it. Apart from this, there are specific institutes that provide dual specialization. 


Experiential Learning
If you think MBA is all about attending lectures and detailed assignments and projects, you’ve got it all wrong. Experiential Learning has become a vital part of an MBA program. It acts as a bridge to lessen the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. It is done through internship programs, business competitions, interactions with industry experts, business simulations, etc. MBA is openly diving into such appealing and immersive techniques of learning. It helps you build a relationship with what you learn in the classroom and real-world business scenarios. Experiential learning helps you adjust to unfamiliar settings and also sharpens your soft skills. It utilizes your entire capacity for solving problems, making decisions, thinking critically and creatively.


Holistic Approach
An MBA program requires students to undertake subjects that cover the significant aspects of a business. This helps the students understand a business from a holistic perspective. It includes Marketing, HR, Finance, Analytics, Leadership, etc. and, you learn and understand areas apart from your specialization. It will help you approach your career with a completely different and wholesome perspective.


Way to build a strong network
It provides opportunities through conversations, webinars, alumni networks, interviews with experts, etc. to network with business leaders and managers with great experience. Such interactions enable the students to feed off of their energy, passion, and experience, to learn, gain perspective and work towards building a successful career path. Apart from business experts, an MBA college introduces the students to peers and faculty from around the country or world. People from different places, cultures, thoughts, opinions help reflect, learn and unlearn. You get a deeper understanding of the business and human world.


Your Start-Up
Many students opting for an MBA are willing to start something of their own and wish to learn how to begin, sustain and grow a business. It becomes slightly easier for students pursuing MBA to do so because of the holistic view it provides, which helps the student consider all the aspects of the start-up. The strong network and networking skills will help connect the students to the right people to help kickstart the project. And not only this, some MBA institutes have Business Incubators to help students develop their ideas into a flourishing business.


Career Enhancement and Higher Pay Package           
And, of course, MBA provides better career prospects and a chance to enhance your career with extra and up-to-date knowledge of the business. Also, having a management degree opens doors for promotions. Freshers also can start their careers with a great job profile and then move up the corporate ladder. Career enhancement and a good position at work ensure a good pay scale and better compensation. My experience speaks for itself when I say that MBA exposes students to different scenarios, issues, discussions, and perspectives to emulate it in the real corporate world. To conclude, investing in an MBA program will only prove to be fruitful if you have a strong inclination towards pursuing the course, to learn, absorb and experience all that it has to offer.  So, make your choices independently and wisely because, in the end, that’s what matters.


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-Anjali Nair