Learning in a foreign land through the Student Exchange Program (SEP)

                                                                         Learning in a foreign land through the Student Exchange Program (SEP)

                                                                              The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless – Michelle Obama

The world is a massive place filled with endless experiences and globalization has transformed this far-flung world into a global village thereby bringing millions of opportunities to the table. One way of tapping into this is by widening your opportunities across continents through a study abroad program. Apart from the traditional international university application which is the most commonly used route to experience learning in a foreign land, there are other ways as well to get a taste of the foreign culture alongside your education.

Many dream of studying abroad, you too might have felt the pull at some point in your life. After all, education isn’t something that can only be learnt locally. Besides how can you one fulfil this dream? Well, the lesser known but still the long-standing option to gain an international education is through the student exchange program.

In order to provide a cross cultural exposure and a global perspective to the students, Vivekanand Management Institute (VESIM), Mumbai provides a golden chance to study at its International partner B-Schools and Universities through its extensive International Student Exchange Program. It has become increasingly popular among the students and the selected candidate gets a chance to spend a term at the collaborated Institute. VESIM has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Cartagena (UPCT), Spain and many other international universities, the students who are selected receive an invitation from the International Office of the host University to visit and study at their campus.

I was overjoyed to have this enriching experience on being selected for the Student Exchange Programme which VESIM offers at UPCT, Spain; this enabled me to understand the global business scenario, and increase my competencies to survive and work in a globalized environment. As part of Student Exchange Program, I was also chosen for the Erasmus+ Scholarship from my institute which provided me free scholarship and covered all the expenses of staying at the international location along with the course fees too. During my study at UPCT, I also assisted one of my professors with his research paper, this gave me an insight which surely helped in widening my career prospects in the future.

I want to thank VESIM for providing us students with such an international platform where we can collaborate with renowned institutions and thus set a huge stepping stone in our careers.


Written by Akanksha Chemburkar