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Is pursuing a regular MBA really worth your Investment?

Today a MBA program has become a very common degree to pursue. Similar to engineering or a medical degree that is now ordinary amongst masses, a MBA too is not uncommon, especially for those who want to venture into the industry after completing their graduation. However, one of the drawbacks of it being a common degree is that the quality of the MBA program has decreased because of it being available so easily in so many institutions. This has resulted in the MBA degree being considered in line with just an average masters course.

In order to set oneself apart from the crowd of MBA holders, it is essential now more than ever, that students don’t just go for the tag of an MBA. They need to analyze what are the real highlights of the master’s course that they are investing money and time into.

In order to benefit from choosing the right MBA/PGDM program, it is very important to be aware of certain factors that will set your degree apart from the bulk of MBA programs being offered. These include the degree must be well-recognized and approved, the curriculum should be in line with what is required in the industry, the expertise and experience of the faculty, the quality of teaching and the placements offered by the institute. While the above factors are important, it is also essential to check about other program offerings like additional certifications in the course, international exposure etc.

While there are very few leading institutions such as IIM’s, SP Jain and JBIMS which provide quality degree programs. One such institute that offers a top quality master’s degree is Vivekanand Business School or VBS in Mumbai. VBS has a legacy of maintaining and improving its quality of education for MBA programs. One of the management degree programs offered by VBS is the PGDM program.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is approved by AICTE, and has also been accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation) for academic years 2016 - 22. The NBA accreditation symbolizes that the institution follows an Outcome Based Learning to ensure Quality Education and vibrant teaching and learning environment. The PGDM at VBS has also been accorded equivalence with Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree of an Indian University by Association of Indian Universities (AIU). AIU is a body which gives quality assurance to the course by verifying that it meets certain norms and standards in comparison with other degree programs. Moreover, the PGDM program at VBS is different from the normal MBA programs offered by various B-schools in Mumbai.

Now, the question here would arise what is it that makes the PGDM program at VBS stand out? What are its USP’s? How would it benefit the students and which should the students opt for it?

The PGDM program at VBS offers the following benefits:

1. VBS offers an industry-oriented curriculum- It is very important in today’s time to train and groom the management students according to the needs of the industry. This is done by VBS. Most of the institutions do not take into consideration what is the need of today. They teach in a theoretical manner and use an old outdated curriculum to teach certain basic management subjects. VBS however refrains from doing it. At VBS students are taught in line with the requirements of the industry. This is much helpful when the students have to be placed in big MNCs, where they are hired judging by their knowledge of latest trends and technology. The curriculum at VBS is designed in such a manner that it takes into account the latest needs and developments in the industry, the ongoing trends and the future needs of the industry. The curriculum is then designed in such a manner which would consist of modules relating to the industry topics and students can learn deeply about them.

2. Add-on industry-oriented certifications- One of the major highlights of the PGDM program at VBS are the add-on certifications that it provides to the students along with the PGDM program. These certifications are provided in all the specializations- Operations, HR, Marketing, Finance and Business Analytics. These add-on certifications are helpful for students to get a job and venture into their careers. These certifications along with the PGDM helps to develop on-the-job skills amongst the students. Moreover, they help them specialize in certain skills such as analytics, people management. Different certifications are provided for different programs. For PGDM in Finance, certifications from NSE and IIBF are provided, for PGDM in HR, a master’s certification from SHRM is provided. Certifications in Digital Marketing and 3 Google certifications are provided for PGDM in Marketing. In operations, Green Six Sigma Certification is provided in PGDM Operations and Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning certification is provided in Business Analytics. All of these certifications are included for the students in their PGDM course itself.

3. Global Exchange Programs- VBS has many international collaborations. It frequently arranges exchange programs so that students get the opportunity to explore the world and learn about new management happenings. By being a part of these exchange programs, students get to experience cross-cultural working styles and get acquainted with the global world. These global exchange programs not only help the students in exploring the outside world but also help in expanding their international network. These exchange programs are one of the ways for the students to get international exposure.

4. Quality of the Faculty- VBS has excellent quality of both core and visiting faculties. The faculties are alumni of prestigious institutions such as IIT’s and IIM’s. The faculties have a rich teaching experience, both nationally and internationally. They, therefore, impart world-class education with a global exposure to the students. The faculties are well qualified with a minimum doctorate degree and some are also pursuing post-doctoral courses. One of the highlights of the management course at VBS is that the faculties are mentors for the students. They do not only ‘teach the students in classrooms’. They are also the mentors and friends of the students. They help extensively in grooming the personality of the students. The visiting faculty at VBS also are from prestigious and esteemed organizations. They are industry leaders and help in giving an industry point of view to the students. The faculties at VBS have teaching and research as their passion more than their vocation. VBS therefore has a superior quality of faculty.

5. Scholarships- We at VBS look for outstanding students to join our program. Talents and hard work are appreciated and scholarships are provided accordingly. Scholarships are provided to students who have excelled both in academics and extracurricular activities. Since these scholarships are purely based on the competencies of the students, they help the students to also perform better in all spheres of their life.

6. Research-Oriented- Another major highlight of studying the PGDM at VBS is that it is highly research oriented. In today's world, research skills are required everywhere, be it in any profession. What makes VBS different from other institutions is the research skills that this institution uses and promotes. Students are taught various techniques of research and have trained in having a critical mind. Therefore, only theory is not given importance but on a broader point of view, research skills are also given importance.

7. Overall Personality Development- Last but not the least, overall personality development is given a lot of importance at VBS. This is because VBS does not only focus on academics alone but gives importance in grooming the overall personality of the student which also helps the student in getting employment and developing leadership qualities. AT VBS, the overall personality of the student is developed through arranging conferences and workshops, round-table meetings, student competitions and student events. The students have participated in these events and have also won prizes. The participation in all these activities have helped to groom the students in a professional manner.

So from the above, we can easily infer that VBS is certainly different from other B-Schools. It has a legacy of producing industrial leaders and providing world-class education to the students. If you wish to invest your time, money and effort and get double the return on your investment, then a PGDM at VBS is certainly the best choice for you!!

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- Hetaal Palan