Silver Lining for Students amidst Thick COVID 19 Cloud

Dr. Sushma Verma

At first sight, it is pretty difficult to imagine any silver lining amidst Pandemic of this magnitude. This Pandemic is having a devastating impact on all sectors including higher education. Sudden change in all academic schedules, students leaving campuses to return home ,sudden shift in mode of teaching and also assessments ,anxiety with continuous updates on deteriorating economic parameters, loss of jobs, all adding stress more so for students in professional courses like management. Time is indeed tough and very challenging but if thoughts are stretched little far, it also provides an immense opportunity to learn.

This pandemic gave one significant leaning that many things once considered impossible can be done and many things once considered indispensable were actually not. One silver lining in the teaching is the increased care and concern of professors towards their students. All effort is being made by the professors to provide more support to their students in every possible manner as every educator is aware of the kind of stress students are undergoing. This will be impressionable in the minds of students hopefully, even when this pandemic is over and students return to college campuses. Students can also invest the time they are getting by enrolling for various skill building courses available online to upgrade their skills which otherwise would not have been possible in their regular scheme of things considering their hectic schedules. It also provides an opportunity both to students as well as professors to embrace new digital skills which can be an effective way to complement traditional class room teaching, once this crisis is successfully won over. Pandemic of this nature is creating havoc in all walks of life. Seeing this, students should develop a sense of gratitude and empathy, a quality which if imbibed will certainly go a long way in making them successful professionals in future. It is indeed an opportunity for them to re align their priorities and approach. They can learn to be a part of solution rather than problem in every situation of life.

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