5 Reasons Why Vivekanand Business School is the Best PGDM College


Several factors play into the success of a business school graduate. There is a stark difference between placement and performance. Choosing a management program is not just about getting that management job, it’s about excelling right from the entry level to the highest spot you can find for yourself in your career journey.

A college with an excellent placement cell can land you a job after graduation. More importantly, does the coursework prepare you to deal with the real-life challenges of the new and evolving business environment is a key differentiator you must consider while choosing the best PGDM College for you! Here’s an article outlining the reasons that make Vivekanand Business School one of the top PGDM colleges in India

About Vivekanand Business School

The Vivekanand Education Society (VES) is rooted in a proud legacy of 60 years of excellence, providing education through its 24 professional institutions to approximately 25,000 talented individuals. VES offers a range of professional courses in fields such as pharmacy, law, engineering, polytechnic, architecture, and management, all the way up to the Ph.D. level.

As one of the leading PGDM colleges in Mumbai and India, the management college of VES has a rich history of 25 years in shaping the careers of successful managers, and from its humble beginnings, the institute has established itself as a pillar of excellence. We are recognized as one of the top B schools in Mumbai and India. Some of the awards and rankings the institution has received include - Best Institute for Placements by ASSOCHAM, 6th Top MBA Institute in Mumbai by MBA Universe, 10th among B-Schools in Mumbai by Times of India B-School Survey and 58th Top MBA Institute in India by MBAUniverse. The institution has also received recognition for its innovation in teaching pedagogy, the industry-related curriculum in business analytics, and best placement and is one of the most well know institutes offering PGDM in Mumbai.

As part of our mission to provide advanced and cutting-edge education, Vivekanand Business School (VBS) offers a two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program. This program is recognized as equivalent to an MBA degree by the Association of Indian Universities and offers unique elements that set it apart from other PGDM programs, making VBS the best choice for management aspirants seeking a career with a competitive edge.

The 2-year program is designed to include Big Data and Data Analytics in its curriculum which will allow you to leverage the new age skills in whichever field you go. The institute offers 5 branches of specialization which include Business Analytics, Banking & Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations & Supply Chain Management.

The specialization program will let you deep dive into the respective field and acquire practical skills and techniques through practical teaching and learning methodologies. Let’s take a look at the reasons Vivekanand Business School is the best PGDM College for you.


The Top 5 Reasons Why Vivekanand Business School is the best PGDM College

Here are the top 5 reasons why Vivekanand Business School is the best PGDM College


1. Our International Collaborations


Our International collaborations add to the list of top PGDM colleges in India. When exploring potential, our students are not restricted to borders.

The Vivekanand Business School has signed several MoUs with various elite international institutions like with, Technical university of Cartagena; Spain, ENAE Business School; Spain, Zagreb school of economics & management; Croatia, CSIM College of Business at Delaware State University; USA, University of Highlands and Islands; Scotland, Uni-Italia, Lincoln University; California, to name a few. These enable inbound and outbound student and faculty exchange as well as joint research and exchange of publications.

We also organize an elective international study tour to a defined location on international recognition where our students get an opportunity to experience the economic, cultural, and geographical drivers in regions integral to the global economy.


2.  Our Curriculum

The PGDM curriculum at the Vivekanand Business School is designed to address the emerging needs of modern-day businesses and evolving technologies in mind.

We provide five specialization areas - Business Analytics, Marketing, Banking & Finance, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources.

Each area of specialization employs a cross-disciplinary approach by including Business Analytics which enables them to derive innovative insights in their respective areas. Students get an opportunity to not only acquire discipline-specific skills but also get a chance to be trained in the latest in Business Analytics tools such as, R programming & Python and learn software tools like Excel, SQL, Hadoop, Tableau, and MongoDB.


3. Innovative Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the method through which learning is imparted to a student.  The culture at Vivekanand Business School is strongly influenced by the philosophy of “Learning By Doing”. We leverage pedagogical strategies that hone leadership skills and cultivate analytical thinking through activity-based experiential learning.

We achieve this by providing our students with an enriched learning experience that involves role-plays, case studies, periodical assignments and quizzes, counselling sessions, workshops, fieldwork, group discussions, live projects, simulations, and many more.

In recent years, we have organized various international conferences and seminars with distinguished speakers from India and abroad presenting their views on various global issues and technology-related topics. This is one of the strongest reasons why we are the best PGDM College as these events have helped our students learn more about global business trends, issues, and solutions.

An enriched learning environment caters to a wide range of students with different learning preferences. This allows them to explore their creativity and reach their full potential which is a strong reason why we are the best PGDM College.


4. Faculties and Visiting Faculties

Our Faculty team comprises three teams. Core Faculty, Visiting Faculty & Adjunct Faculty. Each faculty team includes highly qualified managers, academicians, and administrators with publications in leading Indian and international journals.

The Core Faculty includes high-calibre full-time academicians most of whom are Ph.D. scholars from well-reputed universities and have published a large number of research papers and books.  Like our students, our faculty undergoes consistent training and workshops to ensure they are updated with innovative teaching methods.

The Visiting and Adjunct faculty includes members from top B schools working with top business houses. The interactions with these faculty members will allow you to get in tune with the latest corporate trends and practices and get insight into work situations that you will eventually encounter during your career.


5. Placement Opportunities

The Vivekanand Business School has consistently achieved over 96-98% placement for its students in the PGDM program. The highest salary package offered in 2022 was Rs. 19.75 lakhs, which is 30% higher than the previous highest offer. The top 25 students in the batch received an average salary package of 10-12 Lakhs, while the top 50 received an average of 8.10 Lakhs.

VBS strongly focuses on preparing its students for successful corporate careers is witnessed by the presence of over 350 companies in the recruitment process. The top placement sectors include BFSI, consulting, e-commerce and IT, advertising, media and research, logistics and real estate, and FMCG, engineering, and pharma.

The Business School focuses on the all-round development of its students through communication skills and soft skills training, as well as industry interaction and leadership series talks with CEOs. The Business School provides a systematic approach to identifying and achieving students' personal potential through Pearson Lab Tests. The Industry Interface and Interaction program allows students to engage with corporate leaders and gain valuable knowledge and experience.



With the focus on the latest industry trends, our data-centric approach, advanced learning methodologies, and a robust placement cell, we are the B-School with a career edge. Our PGDM program thoroughly prepares an individual to master innovation and carve out a successful career. All of the reasons put together make Vivekanand Business School the best PGDM College in Mumbai and across the country.




- Hetaal Palan