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Faculty are the Heart of Our Education Process

Education is considered as instrument of change, whereas change is happening quicker than older times. Quality education can ensure security, welfare and prosperity of a nation. The quality of education is assessed through the quality of curriculum, students, teachers, teaching methods, governance, financing, evaluation and linkage with other apex institutions. The most important out of these is the faculty.
Quality of education depends on a number of factors like academic activities, programs, research, building facilities, equipment and placement. But the faculty is the heart of the educational process. Faculty members at VES Business School are professionally competent and dedicated to his/her profession. They are more than a teacher of his/her subject as they are great influencers for enlightenment, stability and good conduct.
Our faculty members are dedicated and committed to their profession. Every faculty acts as a motivational force and create a learning environment in which the students are motivated to think carefully, logically, and express their thoughts to come out with solutions to complex business problems.

Values are the guiding principles of life, which are conducive to all round development. They give direction to life and bring joy, satisfaction and peace to life. The faculty members of VES Business School believe in imparting value based education. They inculcate a value system in each student ensuring that the students carry on their professional responsibilities ethically.

Lateral thinking plays a major role in finding solutions to business problems. Our faculty members use creative approach to enhance the skills of lateral thinking in students.

Today, the world is changing at a fast rate. Everyone is expected to be a lifetime learner. Our faculty members are lifetime learners as they continuously update their knowledge and are aware of the latest development of their teaching area.

Our faculty members stay focused on students learning and ensures the overall development of students. The faculty members are continuously upgrading themselves and are trying to enhance their:

  • Competency in the subject/subject area of teaching
  • Competency in teaching – learning process
  •  Competency in research work
  •  Competency in evaluation techniques
  • Competency in professional behaviour

VBS has some excellent combination of faculty, both core and visiting. Our faculty comprises of multidisciplinary academicians and highly experienced corporate professionals. Their varied backgrounds and extensive industry experience helps the students to grasp the various facets of the complex landscape of managing the business. The core, visiting, and the adjunct faculty are not only educator’s par excellence, but they also facilitate in sharpening every student’s skills holistically and also develop their leadership skills. The faculty members help the students cultivate the right attitude, and skills that stand them in good stead to succeed as business leaders. Only. The faculties in our institute are also invited for giving lectures in premier institutes in India such as the IIT’s, IIM’s as well as they are invited for guest lectures at international institutes. Our faculty constantly are engaged in research and consultancy projects which helps them acquire latest knowledgeable from the industry. The faculty moreover is upgrading their knowledge by constantly studying further and keeping themselves updated in their subject fields. Therefore, we have a new and fresh approach towards hiring faculty because we know it will ultimately have an impact on the student’s future. The faculty will train the students to do better in their jobs and their careers respectively. Every year students benefit from our excellent faculty. We hope that this legacy of our institute continues and more students get guidance from our excellent faculty!

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- Rasika Soman