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Collaborative Learning at VBS through International Partnerships

In today’s globalized world, the importance of world class knowledge and global facilities cannot be under stated. Gone are the days when local and domestic knowledge and practices were followed and preached. It’s a need of the day now to catch up with the global trends and practices to be a successful manager or entrepreneur.

International collaborations bring many benefits to the students. Some of the benefits of international collaborations are that students can participate in global exchange programs, international study tours and can gain international experience, understand global practices in work places. Global exposure can improve students’ personalities and professional life.

Keeping this in mind Vivekanand Business School (VBS) has signed Memorandum of Understanding with international B-schools, universities and companies. VBS has organized an international study tour to places like Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, etc. Such study tours has helped them change their personality and acquire knowledge as well. A global outlook makes them cognisant of the international trends and practices that people follow in the workplace, helps them to mingle with people from various cultures. Some of the major benefits of international collaborations are:

1. Global outlook – International Collaborations help students to have a global outlook towards the business practices. They help to break the dogmas of local and domestic knowledge and make the students aware of the latest trends in the world.

2. International employment opportunities- Students prefer to do MBA to get a decent employment. The international collaborations help students to get an international placement. For instance, a number of students are currently working on live international projects of multinational companies giving them good experience of international work culture. This global outlook makes their path easy to land up with an international job through such international partnerships and collaborations.

3. Helps to be a global citizen: International collaborations and tours helps the person to think globally and be a global citizen. This is because when a student visits another country, he gets to interact with international people and helps him/her to be aware about the multi-cultural environment. The global citizen therefore has the knowledge and awareness of international practices and trends. It also helps him/her to increase responsibility towards the people from all parts of the world.

4. International networking opportunities: The exchange tours that the students participate, helps him/her to make friends in different countries. Global networking with international friends and colleagues helps to widen up opportunities for international placement. Such international networking helps students to get jobs in the form of internship, projects and full-time work. He can also be a part of international recruiter boards.

5. Networking for Entrepreneurship: Some students have entrepreneurial capabilities. In order to do business, networking is a must. Through international collaborations, students can exchange ideas which can be converted into start-ups. The international partnerships and collaborations help him to spread his network far and wide. Global entrepreneurship network also helps him in meeting new business people and adapting global trends and practices in his business.

6. Increasing goodwill of the institution abroad- When a student of a particular business school goes abroad to work or on an internship, it helps to increase the goodwill of the educational institution in foreign countries. Today, VBS has achieved global recognition since many of its students are working abroad and some are pursuing higher education like Ph.D.

All these benefits are must for students of B-school in today’s age. Moreover, at VBS students are also given a world-class experience by using technology in education, keeping up with the latest trends, modern library facilities as well as canteen and accommodation facilities. VBS constantly makes an endeavour to replace the new technology and methods of teaching with the new ones, thereby making a world-class and international experience for the students. These collaborations not only help our students but also enhances knowledge of our faculties.

7. Collaborative Research – Students and faculties collaborate with foreign institutions for research. Faculties of VBS have collaborated with foreign faculties to produce quality research papers in the fields of marketing and data analytics.


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- Rasika Soman