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“ Should I Take Admission In An MBA Course During This Pandemic Year? ”

I received this message on WhatsApp last week from someone I know very closely. This led me thinking, that perhaps there are thousands of others who may have the same question running through their minds. Things could not have been worse than two consecutive years being hit by a deadly virus that challenges our very existence. It has put the entire human progress at jeopardy. World economy is in doldrums. Corporates are under lockdown. Service industry, particularly, hospitality, is badly hit. People are losing jobs everywhere and those who remain employed, are not sure if their next pay check is coming or not. Movement of people is under severe restriction. 

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Quoting Jack Harris, “Mental illnesses are a thing. They’re real, and they are very present. And we need to talk about them...

Rithika Rao

Shoppable Posts: A new way of Selling

Gone are the days when people used to actually get out there for Shopping. A new era of online shopping has pounced on the traditional...

Vaishnavi Wagh

The Impact of Humour in Advertising

“Humour in advertising is like a gun in the hands of a child. You have to know how to use it. Otherwise, it can blow up on you.”...

Vaishnavi Wagh

Budget 2020- All eyes on LIC

BUDGET 2020 which was announced by Nirmala Sitharaman on 1st February 2020 has mentioned that the...

Krushna Pednekar

Literati Fest - A LIT Experience

Literati Fest is one such fest at VESIM that every student and faculty member look forward. "VESIM literati...

Priyanka Nagotkar


Life gives you opportunities where you can not only be a part of the overall process but also learn and evolve your...

Makarand Konaskar

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In the earlier days, loan collections were invariably undertaken by agents by visits to the borrowers’ places. However the...

Prof. K V Ramkrishna

Shock Therapy - Correction Time

The only thing permanent is change. Inertia at individual and collective level resists change. If change is....

Dr.Brijesh Sharma

HR Managers Are You Resilient Enough To Manage The Current Crisis

COVId-19 has impacted many businesses and they all looked at the Human Resources (HR) to rescue them. This led to...

Dr. Neerja Kashive