Student Outreach Programme

Mentoring: VBS has an Alumni Mentorship Program. This has been intelligently designed to encourage interactions between the alumni and the students. During the mentorship program, the student's pair with a mentor.

The mentors are often those who are well-established in the corporate world or are successful business professionals. They are also people who are greatly interested in helping their ‘juniors’ enriching their learning experiences and building strong professional networks. The mentors guide the students all through their course and help them to make the right career decisions while also sharing tips on ways to reach their set goals. Alumni mentorship programs are conducted which help the students hone their leadership and interpersonal skills that are required to succeed in the marketplace. This is achieved through various activities including sessions on career guidance, holding mock interviews, guest lectures by the alumni, and sessions on grooming & counselling. These experiences prepare them to face the real world of business.