Alumni Activities

VBS initiates and supports a wide array of activities for the students and the alumni. These activities are conceived to enhance the student-to-alumni and alumni-to-alumni relationships. 

Alumni Outreach

    • Get-Togethers

      : Every get-together is held with the purpose of ‘Remembering, Reconnecting and Rejoicing’, the motto of every get-together. The VBS Alumni frequently holds get-togethers, enabling the VBSites, past and present, to connect, the current batch, the faculty members, and the other staff. The events see programs filled with fun and entertainment. The current batches welcome and entertain their predecessors through music, song and dance, and some games. The alumni also reconnect with the students, faculty, and staff by sharing memories of their days at VBS, their work, etc. As a finale, the event concludes with a lavish dinner. The event is organized by the Alumni Cell of the college. The cell is made of students pursuing PGDM courses. They have the opportunity to conduct the program, thus sharpening their leadership, and organizational skills.
    • Sports Day

      : The most awaited of events in the VBS calendar is the Alumni Sports Day. The event is held during February or March. The alumni get a chance to compete against each other, and with the current students. The alumni participate in sports like football, throw ball, tug-of-war, carroms, chess, cricket, etc.