About Alumni

Every alumnus is an ambassador of the rich legacy of VBS. The VBS alumni community is dedicated to their work and exhibits leadership qualities which today comes at a high premium in the corporate world. VBS’s alumni is set to be an integral part of the diverse workforce of professionals who would be eager to make a mark in the corporate world through their ventures or by running their family businesses. They will eventually contribute to the social sector in a big way. 

They are sure to make our chests swell with pride with their work. The alumni become mentors and friends to the students and help them surmount their difficulties while preparing to face the competitive world of business, as well as help them find a footage in an industry of their choice.

The Alumni Association, when functional, will strive to keep the alumni connected with the institute as well as support the students, through a plethora of events, and mentorship programs. 

The association’s main purpose would be to promote and propagate VBS’s culture.