Business Analytics & Social
Innovation Conference 2022

Virtual Conference

Analytics has become the buzzword of this decade. Almost every business type and entrepreneurs are focusing on using analytics to change the way they take decisions. 
VESBS's Business Analytics and Social Innovation International Conference (BASIC) is a platform that will help you to turn data into a competitive advantage. The conference aims at providing an excellent platform for knowledge sharing on data analytics and Social Innovation.
The event spans over 5 days and includes different colours: Data Quezt (Hackathon), Lectures of experts from academics/industry and research paper presentation on Business Analytics and Social Innovation.

Call for Papers

Research papers invited for presentation. Details on theme and sub-themes are available in the link below

Hackathon for students: Dataquezt

If your forte is innovation, you are invited to participate in our Hackathon “DataQuetz”. You can apply all your analytical skills to extract hidden patterns underlying a dataset. All the participants shall be conferred participation certificates and the best teams shall win prizes. For more details click on the link below.

Conference on Social Innovation

The social innovation conference shall bring together experts who will share their experiences with the audience. Research papers are invited for presentation. For details click on the link below