President's Message

Dear Prospective Students,

I am happy to welcome you to VES Business School (VBS) for pursuing your management education.

We believe that your desire to pursue an MBA has been kindled by several factors, including your desire to advance your careers or utilize the opportunity to up your skills with the course on offer. Irrespective of your objectives and perspectives, we are committed to delivering a stirring learning experience and providing all the support needed to meet your goals.

VBS is making an effort to develop a unique brand and gain recognition, with the help of its vast resource pool that includes its highly-distinguished academicians and visiting faculty, modern state-of-the-art infrastructure, and an applied approach to management education. At VBS, the students get to immerse themselves in an environment that stimulates their minds and helps them acquire the skills needed to excel in the fiercely competitive world of business while fuelling their passion for social causes. To facilitate this experience, VBS relies on its faculty that includes if core, visiting, and adjunct faculty and the thriving alumni network.

The in-depth knowledge of the current global economic and social landscape, and commitment to creating responsible global market leaders of tomorrow, has ensured we are “a management school with a global vision”. We are continually innovating the syllabus of our management programs, to shape the leaders of tomorrow who will be able to contribute to industry and society, facing up to the challenges of their jobs smartly. We clearly understand that today’s businesses demand multitalented professionals and our faculty is working hard to fulfil this requirement.

For anyone looking to seriously pursuing a management education program at an institution that supports your dreams even as it helps you find a footing in the business world, you have reached the right place. I wish you all the success while you set out on the memorable journey with VBS that is destined to change your life for the better, and for posterity.

Warmest Regards,
Shri. Baldev Boolani
President - Vivekanand Education Society (VES)