Governing Council

The VBS  takes great pride in its governing council that comprises distinguished academicians, alumni, and industry experts. The academic governance of the VBS lies with this Governing Council.

The Governing Council is concerned with all academic, administrative, financial, and infrastructure-related matters. It aims to help the Institute deliver the best quality education that meets the expectations of all the stakeholders as well as the requirements of recruiters - both today and in the future. To meet this aim objective, the governing council regularly interacts with the students, parents, alumni, as well as the academic experts to understand their expectations and suggest changes. These interactions help the council members to advise the management on the various fundamental issues in academics such as those regarding the course alternations that are required, transformative pedagogic methodologies to be adopted, and the development of the various study programs.

The Governing Council meets twice a year (once every six months) to monitor the progress of the academic goals set by the Institute to become the best management school in Mumbai. These are structured periodical review meetings, which involve faculty members, the Governing Council, and the distinguished academic experts. During these meetings, the Governing Council ensures that the institute is acting in compliance with the rules, regulations, norms, and the procedures laid down by the regulatory bodies.

Governing Council (Academic year 2023-24):

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation Designation in Committee
1 Shri. Suresh Malkani President, VES Chairman
2 Shri. Rajesh Gehani Secretary, VES Member
3 Dr. Prakash Lulla Treasurer, VES Member
4 Dr. Kewal Nohria Nominee, VES Member
5 Dr. Satish Modh Director, VESIM Member
6 Dr. Sachin Deshmukh Director, VES Business School Member - Secretary
7 Dr. Abhay Wagh Director DTE, Maharashtra State & State Government Nominee Member
8 Dr. Ajeet Singh Nominee, AICTE-WRO Member
9 Shri. P. K. Krishnamurthy Nominee, State Government Member
10 Shri. B. R. Bakshi Nominee, AICTE Member
11 Dr. Debjani Banerjee Associate Professor, Associate Dean - Accreditation Teaching Staff Representative
12 Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta Associate Professor, Associate Dean - HR Teaching Staff Representative

Dr. Sachin Deshmukh   

Member - Secretary, Governing Council
Director, VES Business School

Shri. Suresh Malkani   

Chairman, Governing Council
& President, VES