About Campus

VBS sits on a 9-acre campus in the heart of Mumbai’s eco-friendly suburb – Chembur. The institute is well-connected to the City of Mumbai by road and railways.

VBS, renowned for its expansive campus covering approximately 5 acres, centrally located in the heart of Mumbai and cutting-edge facilities, has established itself as a leading business school in India. At VBS, we embrace the significant responsibility of nurturing future leaders. To fulfil this mission, we are dedicated to offering absolute excellence in education, faculty, and infrastructure. We strongly encourage our students to take full advantage of the various state-of the- art facilities available to them, including:


The library, spread over 2 floors hosts an extensive collection of more than 15,000 books and journals, encompassing a wide range of management subjects in both national and international academia. A dedicated digital section offers a collection of more than 40,000 E-books including Pearson E-books. Our library maintains an impressive array of subscriptions, of numerous national and international periodicals. We also provide access to a rich assortment of online databases, including NGEN, ProQuest, Ticker Plant, EBSCO and the research database Prowess IQ and Industry Outlook from CMIE.


Ergonomically designed Digital Classrooms equipped with MaxHub Interactive Smart Panels for an immersive learning experience. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning and high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring a comfortable and technologically advanced environment for the future leaders of tomorrow. Our cutting-edge communication and audio-visual teaching aids further elevate the educational experience, providing all the necessary academic amenities for our students.

Data Science & Analytics Lab:

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are keen to employ individuals with exemplary skills to transform the customer behaviour data, as well as product, industry, and business data into insightful and actionable information. The focus is on utilising an actionable information for strategy building and tactical decision-making to improve overall organisational competitiveness. Realising this need, we have established a well-equipped analytics lab. The lab allows students to identify, gather, analyse, and interpret business data to solve various problems that they may incur in a real business environment. There are 100 student stations equipped with advanced and licensed software, and supported by a state-of-the-art IBM server. Students can sharpen their data analysis and interpretation acumen by practicing in the lab.

Innovation Lab:

Innovation lab at VBS is a dynamic space that serve as incubators for creativity, experimentation, and the development of groundbreaking ideas and solutions. The lab is designed to foster a culture of innovation and to drive forward-thinking initiatives crafted to ignite the entrepreneurial drive within individuals. 

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus:

The VBS Campus is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows students to browse online anywhere on campus using their wireless devices.


The in-house auditorium is equipped with high tech facilities such as brilliant acoustics and multimedia aids. The auditorium is frequently utilized by students and teachers for seminars, panel discussions, meetings, gatherings, and discussions which happens in regular interval.


The cafeteria of VBS transmits vibrant energy with students politely exchanging their ideas and thoughts, as well as bonding over food and drinks. Bustling with youthful energy, the cafeteria is hygienic, and serves nutritive food to students, staff, and faculty at affordable prices. The place also serves as a focal point for various activities such as brainstorming, and confidence building for upcoming events, or relationship building among senior and junior students.


The turf play area is more than just a field – it's a space for rejuvenation. VBS believes that the education is about nurturing both the mind and the body and understands the importance of not just academic growth, but also the well-being of students. Whether it's a friendly match of football or basketball, an exciting game of cricket, or simply soaking in a breath of fresh air, this area serves as a hub for physical well-being and companionship. There is also an additional open area available for students to engage in various other sports and recreational activities.
VBS Campus - Classroom
VBS Campus - Library
VBS Campus - Auditorium
VBS Campus - Data Science & Analytics Lab