About Campus

VBS sits on a 9-acre campus in the heart of Mumbai’s eco-friendly suburb – Chembur. The institute is well-connected to the City of Mumbai by road and railways.

VBS offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is envied by other business schools. Our campus is equipped with all modern facilities that provide a perfect setting for academic pursuits. The combination of world-class amenities, resources, curricular and extra-curricular activities goes a long way in ensuring a productive campus life. The sprawling campus houses several renovated buildings, such as administrative offices, area for recreational activities, classrooms and learning centres, library, etc.


VBS has a well-equipped digital library with quality national and international books in different academic and other self-development areas. There is a separate digital section featuring CD-ROMs, and DVDs on the core subjects taught at the institute. In addition to that, the library has an impressive subscription to a vast number of periodicals, including national and internal journals, and a host of online databases such as J-Gate and EBSCO and research database - Prowess IQ from CMIE. We have also subscribed to an anti-plagiarism software Turnitin for research. The library database is managed by SLIM – 21 software. VBS has gone a step ahead to procure kindle in its digital library.


The classroom is the altar of learning. Thus, all our classrooms are equipped with internet and advanced communication and audio-visual teaching aids. The classrooms are ergonomically designed to provide a great learning experience.

Data Science & Analytics Lab:

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are keen to employ individuals with exemplary skills to transform the customer behaviour data, as well as product, industry, and business data into insightful and actionable information. The focus is on utilising an actionable information for strategy building and tactical decision-making to improve overall organisational competitiveness. Realising this need, we have established a well-equipped analytics lab. The lab allows students to identify, gather, analyse, and interpret business data to solve various problems that they may incur in a real business environment. There are 100 student stations equipped with advanced and licensed software, and supported by a state-of-the-art IBM server. Students can sharpen their data analysis and interpretation acumen by practicing in the lab.

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus:

The VBS Campus is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows students to browse online anywhere on campus using their wireless devices.


The in-house auditorium is equipped with high tech facilities such as brilliant acoustics and multimedia aids. The auditorium is frequently utilized by students and teachers for seminars, panel discussions, meetings, gatherings, and discussions which happens in regular interval.


The cafeteria of VBS transmits vibrant energy with students politely exchanging their ideas and thoughts, as well as bonding over food and drinks. Bustling with youthful energy, the cafeteria is hygienic, and serves nutritive food to students, staff, and faculty at affordable prices. The place also serves as a focal point for various activities such as brainstorming, and confidence building for upcoming events, or relationship building among senior and junior students.

Yoga Cell:

The Yoga Cell provides a relaxing interlude to students. We encourage students to seek inner peace and strength under a guidance of a trained yoga teacher.


This is a unique initiative of Vivekanand Education Society to create an environment of leadership ability through spiritual and psychological influence. We empower and train students, teachers, professors, support staff of schools and colleges, and parents of students to help build a society whose members are healthy, productive, creative, emotionally strong, and have high integrity, orientation towards excellence, and patriotism. For more details on the activities and workshops conducted by VESLARC, kindly click here.

At VBS, we understand that attending classes is only a part of the academic experience; it is equally important that students become a part of campus, and the community. Thus, we encourage students to sharpen their skills through various interactive activities such debates, alumni interaction programs, brainstorming sessions, etc.