Research & Publications

VBS strives to produce well-trained better business leaders, thought leaders, and corporate professionals to meet the current and future business needs and challenges. Through the unwavering commitment to creating knowledge and its dissemination, it can accomplish this mission. 
At VBS, we believe research is the cornerstone of knowledge generation, and dissemination. In the fast-paced world of business, research offers a framework for the refinement of the existing business practices. The core faculty at VBS is deeply-involved in a lot of interdisciplinary research, which contributes to the reputation of the institution. The researchers blend research and teaching to help students understand the latest advancements in the newer management theories and practices. Through innovative research, our faculty indirectly feed a wider audience including professionals, management teachers, practicing business managers, and marketing personnel, operational managers, and research associates.
The faculty have put in a lot of hard work, resulting in the publication of several high-quality research papers. Many of our faculty members have presented their research papers at several national and international conferences, and have been consulting editors at several leading journals. The college’s publications, research papers, paper presentations at conferences, and the vast database of case studies indicate our commitment to high qualitative research.
Great attention is paid to the relevant subjects and their contribution to the world of business. All through the years, our focus areas for research have included the development of human resources, disaster management, infrastructure management, organizational learning, and several other management issues.
VBS also supports its faculty members and research students by providing several cutting-edge tools, resources, and technology, in their pursuit of pushing the existing boundaries of business research. Many research projects are internally-funded, and others receive external grants.